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Sting on Punk: ‘Amazing to me…’—Taven considering WWE run!—ROH Title to be defended at Impact’s Hard To Kill

The words of the legendary icon, Sting, are taken seriously by those in the pro wrestling business, as by its many fans as well, so the high praise he has thrown CM Punk’s way is being digested by those aforementioned many…the words resonating through the industry; the weight of them sending the message that what has been happening in AEW is something truly amazing. (If that wasn’t already quite clear, it is now.)

In truth, the main even on AEW Dynamite this past Wednesday, that pitted Sting, Punk, Allin against FTR and MJF united not only the past and the present, but the future as well, in one fell swoop. This was perhaps what was enjoyed by many. That and the fun they all obviously had, which was made clear by the Sting make-up that Punk wore and the same can be said for Sting who adorned himself in Punk’s colors and symbols.

via AEW /YouTube

Sting had a lot to say on Punk and as stated above, it was all good. It was during an interview with Sports Illustrated that Sting said:

“CM Punk, he’s truly amazing to me. Hearing the crowd respond to him, it’s made me turn back the clock and think of all the different memorable reactions over the years to different wrestlers. I’ve especially been thinking about The Road Warriors. Animal was really big on that. He would say, ‘This guy got a huge pop, but it wasn’t a Road Warrior pop.’ That’s what Punk gets…

I had an idea of CM Punk’s greatness, but now I have experienced it. His appearances are so electrifying. He is remarkable, and I am grateful to have this opportunity to be in the ring with him and Darby as their tag team partner.”

vis Sports Illustrated / (Transcription)

Comparing Punk to the likes of The Road Warriors! Like I said: High praise indeed; among the highest perhaps.

Matt Taven astonishingly considering WWE run

via ROH /YouTube

Matt Taven’s long-time friend, Mike Bennett absolutely detested his time in WWE, and he’s been pretty vocal about that ever since his dismissal from the promotion—his release in 2020. This is what makes the fact that Matt Taven, aka Matthew Marinelli’s, possible interest in joining the company, that much more of a shock to some. He said in an interview with Wrestling Inc Daily:

“I mean, everyone’s experiences are different. I think Mike would be one to tell you that as well. Just because things went a certain way for him doesn’t mean things would go a certain way for someone else. I grew up a WWE fan; I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested. I’m interested in anything. I’ve been able to make the most out of any situation I’ve ever been given. So I honestly feel whoever or wherever I was to get a shot I would make the most of it…

The indie scene could have an eruption right now with the amount of talent that’s out there. There also could be another promotion to pop up, there could be one of these promotions that want to expand. So many things could happen and with so many guys out there, the possibilities are endless. Right now it’s one of those times where you’re like, ‘alright, I want to get my tentacles out there as much as humanly possible,’ because you don’t know what’s going to happen next. So, I want to test the waters everywhere and kind of find a place that fits the best.”

via Wrestling Inc Daily (Link above)

ROH Title to be defended at Hard To Kill

Jonathan Gresham won the then-vacated ROH title at Final Battle earlier this month against Jay Lethal. By now that’s old news of course, as I covered it (as did many sources) after it happened.

In truth, that was one of the best pro wrestling matches put on by any promotion this year and although it had less eyes on it than any match put on by 4 of the more major pro wrestling companies, that doesn’t change the fact that the match was incredible.

via Take It To The Ring /YouTube

The promo that followed by Gresham was equally astounding, the man clearing the air and getting a load of his chest. He is starting his own promotion and with the ROH title around his shoulder, but it has been announced that he will be making one essential stop before that happens: Impact’s Hard To Kill event against none other than the legendary Chris Sabin at The Factory in Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas on Saturday, January the 8th.

It looks like Terminus, Gresham’s wrestling promotion with partner Baron Black, is set to start about a week later on the 16th of January. Will Gresham be walking in as champ…or will Sabin be making an appearance with the strap on his own shoulder?

It is an exciting time for the indie wrestling scene for sure. When one door closes, another always opens. Looking forward to seeing what’s behind that open door. Are you, dear readers?

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