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Will Ospreay/Kenny Omega Clash Building Like A Perfect Storm

A little while ago I wrote a piece on Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay and this seemingly real-life feud that’s going on between the two. Of course in pro wrestling almost everything is a work…ALMOST.

Sometimes, as Booker T and Batista know, as well as Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart, that heat in pro wrestling, can come from a very real place and a real-life feud can sometimes erupt.

As most fans of NJPW know, Kenny Omega passed the reins of NJPW onto the likes of Will Ospreay and Jay White back in 2018-19…Kenny Omega having essentially been the non-christened King of Japanese wrestling. There are those that believe he absolutely was and remains as such (this writer included—his contributions to that platform too large to consider otherwise).

via The Unbroken Chase Kennedy /YouTube

It has been since then that Ospreay has taken the territory and the indies by storm, making not only a name for himself but now having many ask  the question, just who is better…the old guard or the new guard…? I think we can all decide which is which.

Speaking of the master and the old guard, Kenny Omega, he is nursing some pretty serious injuries and is rehabbing, working hard and training hard as he’s done his entire career, and his return is of course imminent….

The two have been going at each other on social media, as has been the way to feud in professional wrestling essentially for the last decade.

To my estimation, the first time we saw this was of course back in 2011-2013 when The Rock returned to WWE to face John Cena…. A series of matches or rather a feud that spanned a whopping three years from when Rock hosted that first WrestleMania in 2011, then tagged with Cena at Survivor Series at MSG against Miz and R-Truth, their subsequent first match at the following WrestleMania, and then the rematch in which the torch was finally passed and Cena won….

This is exactly what can be happening here. I mean we already have heard Omega say that one more setback is all it will take to make him hang up the boots for good, and although he’s in epic shape, the sacrifices he has made in the ring have taken their toll for sure.

They’ve faced each other before and now, well, they need to face each other one more time at their respective stages of their careers. I think it would be a masterpiece to say the least, and really what better, more perfect storm can you get?

‘Dream match’ doesn’t even begin to describe this, folks.

Well, anyways, as it turns out, Ospreay had a ‘Billy The Wanker’ T-Shirt previously available at pro Wrestling Tees, and it definitely ruffled the feathers of one Kenny Omega…the dig quite obvious enough. Omega would fire a shot on Twitter…

via Kenny Omega on Twitter

Here’s what Ospreay had to say on the matter:

“I have just exposed Kenny as an insecure little bi-ch…It was fine when those guys were throwing up the Too Sweet and got hit with a cease & desist. They continued to poke the bear. When it is me doing it to you guys, you have a problem with it. It’s because Kenny is a miserable little prick. He takes it out on me because I’m actually having fun with my life. I’m doing the things he’s done, plus more…

You’re also pi–ed off because the vision you had for AEW has now turned into something you don’t like and people are starting to get NXT vibes about the joint or maybe it’s because the Joshi girls are not getting TV time, but the 205 Live guys are…

Now the shoe is on the other foot. You’ve turned into the big boys, trying to look down on the little guys. I’m going to keep poking the fu–ing bear. I just exposed Kenny Omega as everything I’ve been saying, a little fu–ing c–nt. Have a good day Kenny the fu–ing prick.”

via (Transcription)

These guys are too much.

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