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WWE Upset About Snoop Dogg’s Future AEW Appearance

On last night’s Dynamite, AEW announced a series of upcoming super shows which will feature a number of special guests.

One of these special guests is rap legend and wrestling fan Snoop Dogg.

The WWE Hall of Famer and real life cousin of Sasha Banks is due to appear on the 01/06/21 episode of Dynamite to promote the Go-Big Show which premiers on TBS the following evening. Snoop Dogg is scheduled to be a judge on the show and will be appearing alongside AEW EVP Cody Rhodes.  

However, Bryan Alvarez reported on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio that certain people in WWE are very unhappy with Snoop Dogg’s appearance.

“Regarding Snoop Dogg, I do know there are people in WWE very upset that Snoop is appearing on this show. He’s the host of the show that Cody was doing, the game show. So obviously that is the tie in. It’s the same way they got Shaq.”

Snoop Dogg has a long and storied history with WWE, having appeared as a guest General Manager on RAW, being inducted into the Hall of Fame by John Cena and recently collaborating with the Undertaker on a new line of merchandise.

This isn’t the first time WWE have attempted to thwart their affiliated stars from appearing on competitor programming. In October 2019, Kevin Smith stated that WWE said he wasn’t allowed to appear on SmackDown if he also appeared on Dynamite.

A similar incident occurred with Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor, who appeared in a cameo appearance on Dynamite back in April. According to his interview on Talk Is Jericho, Taylor said that WWE were displeased with the fact he appeared.

More recently, WWE resigned Hurricane Shane Helms after laying him off due to COVID cutbacks in April. Only weeks before, Helms appeared in the Elite Deletion match between Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara at Full Gear.

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