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Powerhouse Will Hobbs Thought AEW Signing Call Was A Joke

Powerhouse Hobbs has shown his strength in multiple matches after joining the All Elite Wrestling. Hobbs has been on the wrestling scene for over a decade, and it was not until recently that he received the spotlight his hard work warranted. Recently he opened up on his life experiences over the past few months with Bully Ray in an interview on Busted Open.

Hobbs stated that he wanted to be in the wrestling business ever since he was 4 years old and that he was grateful for the opportunities that led him to this point. Stating that wrestling has always been his passion.

Ever since Hobbs had associated with Team Taz the partnership has allowed him to perform on AEW and also learn from the legends as well. He stated that Taz had taught him quite a lot during their partnership and viewed him as a mentor.

Furthermore, Hobbs stated that while he and Cody Rhodes don’t seem to get along with each other to the general public, they actually have a strong personal relationship. He expressed how Cody Rhodes motivated him to keep pushing and to put it out on the line. Hobbs stated that he hopes to repay Cody Rhodes someday.

When asked about his connections with Tony Khan, the young heavyweight wrestler replied that he was grateful to have a superior like Tony Khan and has a close connection with him. Hobbs stated that despite their unconventional start, it was thanks to Tony Khan that he now works with Darby Allin, and was paired up with Taz, Ricky, and Cage.

Hobbs talked about his life before he joined the world of professional wrestling. He claimed California to be his home and that he has trained with the former WWE superstar Ezekiel Jackson.

He expressed how he had a rough life growing up, and trained at All Pro Wrestling. It was here that he trained with Ezekiel Jackson for about 4 years and met Cody Rhodes and Marcus Mack who had an opportunity for him which is how he joined the pro wrestling industry.

Eventually, like other famous and well-known wrestlers before him, Hobbs got his big break. He stated that he did not respond to QT Marshall’s call, and assumed it is some sort of a joke. Later he responded to the message and seized the opportunity that awaited him.

Though he did acknowledge the possibility that maybe it wouldn’t work out since nothing was guaranteed. But fortunately, he signed the contract with the AEW and was set to face Orange Cassidy as his first match on the AEW Dark.

The match lasted for about 13 seconds in which Powerhouse Hobbs demonstrated his prowess. Hobbs was unfortunately laid off at the time due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however, his position was secured nonetheless.
Currently, Hobbs is now officially under contract with the AEW and is featured as a prominent figure on Dynamite. He has aligned with Team Taz and is a dominant member of the AEW character roster.

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