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Op-Ed: WWE’s Freedom In Promos Has Helped Them

WWE has seen a lot of changes in the past couple of months. The company saw the creative direction change and there were other changes as Vince McMahon stepped away from the company. Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan are Co-CEO and Triple H heads the creative division.

The biggest change that has happened is the freedom to express themselves. The superstars feel fairly better than the previous regime and it’s reflected in their promos as well as backstage interviews. The previously fired people have returned, and that has added an exceptional space.

What’s Changed Since Triple H Took Charge?

WWE’s promos were previously scripted, but after the new regime took charge, things have changed for the better. A better example of it could be seen in the way the promos have been delivered and how the superstars feel at ease.

The promos have been so funny that even Roman Reigns lost his character. It was a funny moment and the WWE Universal Champion along with other members of The Bloodline couldn’t handle it. Logan Paul also lost his character during the promo.

WWE has seen many superstars over the years that have been exceptional on the mic. Stone Cold, The Rock, and Mick Foley were in the Attitude Era, while The Miz and even LA Knight are some examples of the current era. The comfort that you can feel in the new promo style can be understood by the promo delivered above.

If you thought that this was the only instance, or this was the only angle to the segment, here’s one for you that will help you believe that the freedom in promo delivery has helped WWE, and especially Sami Zayn as he delivers it well.

It wasn’t the first time, as back in August Sami Zayn made Roman Reigns break character and it was backstage. The segment was well received by the members of the WWE Universe who praised Sami Zayn’s promo skills.

Dakota Kai is another superstar that has used this freedom to play the game. It’s not just her but Bayley too has ensured that she is able to do the promos as she pleases and even right a wrong instantly like a pro.

What do you think of the freedom given to WWE superstars? Sound off in the comments.

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