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8 Reasons Why Wrestling Has No Place For Racism

We all encountered some form of od racism in every aspect of our lives, and this modern pest is a nuisance that we will need to fight hard to eradicate, but we are making some progress for sure. We witnessed racist burst on big sports events or some movies or tv shows, but who would say that this problem would crawl even in the deepest pores of our society or infiltrate our popular pastime events like wrestling. This is just one of the examples of who the untreated disease will spread like a virus if we do not take action in time. Racism has no place here, but before we start undoing the wrong, we need to take a closer look and understand the reasons that lead to this situation.

1.      Racism has no place anywhere

That is right, there remains no place for racial slurs in sports events, television, or working place. This kind of behavior is unacceptable among college students, politicians, or sportsmen. It should be condemned, and we need to take drastic actions to discourage these practices that are not worthy of people of the free world. When someone stands discriminated based on the tone of his skin, it is a clear sign that something is wrong with society and those frustrations are taking the better from people. 

2. It is bad for society

These kinds of tension related to racism create uneasily atmosphere like mistrust among people and this deteriorates communities from the inside. It creates an environment where no one feels free anymore and once this attitude starts spreading, it is very hard to put things back into normal. Reading some argumentative essay on racism can teach you how to recognize when things start moving in this direction., but just reading essays isn’t enough. We must take decisive action and put a stop to these problems before they start spreading.

3. It is bad for the sport 

We are not talking just about wwe backstage rumors, but a sport in general. Wrestling is just another entertainment that came into the public eye recently, but we were witnessing racial incidents in a wide variety of sports like basketball, football, or even tennis. Nobody is immune to this pest, but sports activities are especially vulnerable because these events are broadcasted worldwide, and every picture spreads very fast, especially in this era of social media. We want to send pictures of equality and acceptance and not about racial stereotypes or language like hatred. 

4. It is a bad example for the youth

Young people have high hopes and dreams, and we are trying to teach them to believe in a free world where anyone can archive their dreams and live a fulfilled life. Imagine a kid who is told that he cannot archive what he wishes because of the color of his skin, or that he is not as equal as the others. This is not the kind of message that we want to send to the youth, but the recent wwe backstage news is heading in that direction.

5. It is bad for business

There exists a disproportionally small number of minority wrestlers involved in WWE events and they are portrayed in a stereotype fashion. This sends a bad message for the kids that they cannot become champions one day no matter how much they tried, but it also sends bad shockwaves through the economy. Any brand that has a racial issue associated with it will be abandoned by those consumers who do not want to be associated with such a brand. Just one wwe racist disorderly conduct can inflict enormous damage to the whole franchise.

6. It stains our heritage

Wrestling has a long tradition going back to ancient times. This is a noble sport that persevered through the ages and it unites people in their love for the sport. Those who love this magnificent discipline come from all sorts of backgrounds and racial issues can only destroy this great community of fans. We could write whole essays on how race issues can put people at loggerheads, but we should concentrate more on how to discourage any racial component in a professional sport. 

7. Racism doesn’t make much sense 

These kinds of stereotypes can be found inside a population that is isolated and does not have much contact with different cultures. This is true but it cannot be an excuse anymore as we are living in a world of online news plus entertainment so learning about others is just one click away. Unfortunately, there is a flip side to that coin, so insulting or degrading messages can also be spread online, so it is a constant battle of cat and mouse. 

8. Sport should be about something else

None of the sports activities should be allowed to promote discrimination in any way. It should be about competition, excellence, and love for the game. It should be about Fairplay or respecting your opponent, being honorable in victory but also proud in defeat. It should be about promoting positive values and not about disrespecting your opponent. We can only hope that future generations of sportsmen and sports lovers will be guided by these principles. 

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