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Becky Lynch returns and fans are happy about it

Becky Lynch was the main move on the second night of the Draft. The SmackDown champion lands on Raw, also the Olympic gold Gable Stevenson.

There will be a transition period

After the two nights of Draft, WWE is a real mess. The movements of fighters between Raw and SmackDown have caused situations that are not known where they will end. For now, what is clear is that there will be a transition period. The authority revealed that the changes will not be effective until after Crown Jewel (October 21) . There are a lot of wrestlers with unfinished business. Among all, those that have the two female champions immersed stand out. On Friday, Charlotte Flair landed on SmackDown and this Monday, Becky Lynch was moved to Raw. That is, the champions move brands. Will there be a voluntary change of belts? Will there be a unifying struggle? The doubts are great, but for now Lynch has already dropped the option of being “Becky two belts” again. Becky’s return went viral on all social media platforms. The TikTok audience went crazy with the viral videos of her return. Her videos got millions of likes. You can buy TikTok followers and always put the ‘viral’ nature videos just like Becky’s return. In that case, you’ll succeed on social platforms like TikTok.

At the moment there is nothing clear, and less with all the mess that has formed around it. When Flair and Lynch were arguing about the ring, Bianca Belair appeared to claim her place in front of Becky. Both will face a triple threat (along with Sasha Banks) in Crown Jewel, but the authorities put Bianca in front of Flair to close Raw. The fight did not end, since when Belair had a clear account Lynch took her out of the ring. When Becky promised them happiness, Banks appeared to remind him that there are three in that match. Sasha is the only one of the three who will continue on SmackDown, after being selected in the Draft.

A little bit about Drew McIntyre

Another with unfinished business is Drew McIntyre. Last Monday he challenged Big E , on Friday he became part of SmackDown and this Monday he returned to Raw to challenge the WWE champion. Before making anything official, both formed a duo against Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode, they interrupted them when they talked about the ring and ended up paying it in the form of defeat. After the win, Big E accepted McIntyre’s challenge and they met at Crown Jewel. There will also be Goldberg, who massacred Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander, who came to Bobby’s aid and ended up worse. The duel between the Hall of Famer and Lashley was already confirmed for the Saudi PPV, but now it has been added that it will be a fight without barriers. The night went to Benjamin and Alexander, after that they fell to Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods.

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