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Best New Wrestling Themed Casino Games

Wrestling is a game most of us grew up with, and many people still love it today. The sport keeps getting better and attracts new fans every day. Its popularity is growing so much that it is present on online casino games.

Today, you will find many wrestling-themed casino games inspired by renowned wrestling stars. Moreover, the games include bonus features such as multipliers, bonus rounds, and wilds to entertain fanatics. Below are the best new wrestling-themed casino games you can try.

1. Luchadora

Luchadora games emerged in 2017 and are still popular today. Fans love it because it has incredible features that keep them glued to the screens. It has four fighters with unique alias, including bull, snake, panther, and ray.

What makes this game interesting is the fact that the fighters present themselves as wild symbols. To motivate the fighters, they receive many bonus free spins to keep playing. Fighters can replace the icons with wild symbols apart from the Lucha Smackdown.

Moreover, you will find Luchadora in several casinos. You can even check out these no deposit casinos found at The websites have excellent bonuses and other great games.

2. Super Sumo

Super Sumo boasts of many fans online for a reason. What makes the game unique is the fact that it has a Japanese theme. It is different from other wrestling-themed casino games that appear similar. The game has been entertaining fans since 2017 and is not slowing down. 

Another reason why Super Sumo has many fans is that it is available on mobile devices. This feature makes it convenient because players can play it in their living rooms. Fantasma Game created the game for online casino gaming fans.

It brings fans together to unwind and enjoy their favorite game. You feel good while playing the game because you understand the Japanese wrestling features, visual and sound effects.

Moreover, Super Sumo is more than just a game. It educates players on various elements of the Japanese culture. You can try it today at the online casinos on

3. Andre the Giant

Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular casino games you will ever find. Similar to Hulkamania, this game was inspired by a wrestling professional. It comes with five reels and symbols to entertain fans. Thanks to its excellent features, it attracts fans worldwide.

The iconic French wrestling features on the game make it worthwhile. Fans of the wrestler get to see him in the casino as they unwind and catch up with friends. It comes with slot symbols such as hot dogs, wrestling boots, and the iconic wrestler.

The game would not be where it is today if the wrestler did not play his role well. He teaches his opponents his renowned moves on the free bonus feature. If you want to learn signature moves from the wrestler, check out the game. It enables wrestling fans to feel part of the ring.

4. Lucha Libre

If you are looking for a wrestling-themed casino game that will blow your mind, try Lucha Libre. If you enjoy Mexican pro wrestling, Lucha Libre is the game to try. Real-Time Gaming (TRG) developed the game to give fans a taste of Mexican wrestling they can enjoy.

The fascinating bit about this game is the unique features, good graphics, and bright sound. These features enhance the quality of the game and improve players’ experience. Moreover, it uses symbols such as cups, belts, and beer to improve the game.

Players love the game because it comes with wrestling symbols like wilds that players can enjoy. It also has Mask of Fiery Doom which gives players a higher multiplier. Some casinos allow players to play the game without a deposit.

5. Nacho Libre

This is a new wrestling-themed casino game that takes a new dimension in the industry. It is rare to hear that a movie inspires a game, but this is precisely the origin of this one. A movie with the same name is the inspiration behind this popular game.

ISoftBet is the producer of the game, and it originates from Mexico. It has ten pay lines and five reels. There are many free spins that players can enjoy as they play the game. If you are looking for a game that will take you out of your comfort zone, Nacho Libre is the one.

It might be a bit challenging in the beginning but gets better with time. Besides, the various bonus features will substitute for the challenging gameplay. However, this will only apply if you manage to trigger them.

6. Hulkamania

Hulkamania is a game with many fans. Hulk Hogan, the celebrated wrestler, is the inspiration behind it, and it honors his contribution to the wrestling industry. On each of the five reels, you can find his name. Players see Hogan on the reel as during gameplay.

Endemol created the game to honor him for his role in the industry. Moreover, he has many fans who love to watch him in the ring. The game is interesting because it has many wilds, free spins, and scatters, which improve the game’s quality to keep them engaged throughout.

Many players rank it as one of their favorite games. It allows fans to see their hero inside the casino.  Furthermore, players stand an opportunity to win prizes from the game. If you love of Hulk Hogan, this is a game you should try. Those who have played it attest to its authenticity.

7. Karate Pig

As the name suggests, karate Pig is a game with lots of kicks. It has more than forty pay lines and five reels. It contains many bonus features to retain players’ interest in the game.

The wild is the main character in the game and takes various roles, like helping you complete a winning combination. You will also have free spins feature to activate.

When a player wins the belt, he/she gets to play the showdown. You will get more free spins when you play this final round. There are many wrestling-themed casino games, but few compare to Karate Pig. What separates it from other similar games is its unique features.

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