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Betting on WWE: Does It Make Sense?

Professional wrestling is a form of entertainment with fans from all over the globe. And what’s not to like? Massive, manly men and attractive, strong, athletic women measure their worth in a ring while performing some of the most incredible slams, somersaults, and takedowns. There’s no doubt about the athletic abilities of the athletes performing in promotions like the WWE. But there is a reason why professional wrestling isn’t considered a proper sport, and it doesn’t routinely show up in the odds listings of portals like VietVwin: the results of the matches are pre-determined for the most part. This is why in most cases, especially with European bookmakers, the odds of the events show up in the “Specials” sections at best.

It’s entertainment

If you have ever watched a professional wrestling event, you know that the on-screen action consists of equal parts wrestling and theatrics. There are always heroes and villains, and overarching storylines that the fans can follow throughout the season. Usually, the villains are defeated – as it is normal in a fictional universe – but the road to that point is paved with a ton of drama and excitement, spectacular turns of events and allegiances, and even more spectacular matches in the ring.

The storylines and rivalries are designed to keep the audiences glued to the screen week after week. These often involve beloved characters going bad or hated ones turning into heroes, perhaps coming as a surprise to many. One of the most successful such storylines – the nWo in the late 1990s – has seen one of the most popular characters in wrestling, Terry “Hulk” Hogan turn into a money-hungry alter-ego “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan, switching from his usual yellow outfit to black and threatening to take over the World Wrestling Federation. The storyline was so influential – and effective at turning professional wrestling into a more gritty, adult-oriented form of entertainment – that the members of the nWo (“Hollywood” Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman) were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as one of sports entertainment’s most controversial factions ever.

Does it make sense to bet on it?

As it was made clear several times, all the results in professional wrestling are pre-determined. While the general public doesn’t know the results, there are some general trends that dominate the storylines – the good guys usually win.

The roles are pre-determined in every season. The dynamic between heels and faces is relatively constant: heels do a lot of winning until the face comes and deals them a decisive blow.

So, does it make sense to bet on professional wrestling? Maybe not. Betting on sports is not about making money, it’s about growing the excitement about a certain event. But considering the exciting and captivating storylines in professional wrestling, is there a need for even more excitement? royal1688

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