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Casino Battle Royale: Inspiring a Casino-Themed Pro Wrestling Future?

Professional wrestling has long been one of the most popular pastimes across the globe. In recent years, increasing numbers of organizations have come to the forefront in seeking to offer spectators non-stop entertainment. The action-packed form of athletic performance has come a long since it first began in the 19th century, with popular themes becoming central to the ideas of numerous promotions. 

Interestingly, All Elite Wrestling has sought to break away from traditional concepts, and this is evident from their recent intertwining of casino themes. So, let’s take a look at the company’s casino-themed events, as well as considering what the future could hold regarding the relationship between both industries.  

AEW’s Casino Royale 

In terms of the history of professional wrestling, an array of bizarre events have dominated the headlines in years gone by. Perhaps some of the most infamous include TNA’s reverse battle royale during the mid-2000s and the WWE’s dungeon match at Fully Loaded in 1998, as per a piece by Roobla, which is available here. While entertaining, such outlandish concepts have taken a backseat throughout the past decade, with organizations instead focusing their attention on embracing popular mainstream themes.  

A prime example of this comes in the form of AEW’s casino battle royale, which first began in May 2019. The concept itself revolves around a traditional rumble-styled royale that features 21 participants. However, a deck of cards is utilized to determine the time at which the next group of participants enter the contest. Although a subtle change to the formatting of the event, this alteration reflects the growing popularity that 1 dollar casinos have within the 21st century and that their foundations can help to evolve modern-day wrestling.  

Two Flourishing Markets Coming Together, but What Could the Future Hold? 

Given that there’s already an existing relationship between both sectors, it’s plausible to suggest that the coming years could see them combine for future projects. In terms of in-ring entertainment, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that future events could continue to embrace the casino theme. As an idea, because the WWE had jailhouse matches in the past, an in-house casino-inspired contest could allow AEW to expand on their existing concept.   

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It’s a testament to the appeal of professional wrestling that numerous developers have recently designed slot titles based on the action-packed form of performance. As you can see in the article here from BonusFinder regarding the best online casinos of 2020, a number of the listed bonus-offering operators, including Casumo, offer wrestling-themed games, such as Luchadora and Lucha Legends. Moreover, with the platforms’ no-deposit spin bonuses, prospective players can enjoy incentivized wrestling titles from their desktops, mobiles, and tablets without having to pay to try them. 

Plenty More to Come in the Future 

Although there are no guarantees that the casino theme will become a long-term feature in AEW’s plans, few can argue that the developing relationship between the industries isn’t advantageous to both. In nature, each sector is action-packed and adrenaline-fueled, making their collaboration even more unsurprising. In the future, further crossovers between the two could come to fruition, particularly given their combined popularity. 

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