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Top 5 Richest WWE Wrestlers in the World

Those who love wrestling and entertainment know how much fun can WWE be. Even if WWE is all about professional wrestling, many don’t take it seriously as every fight is staged and scripted. And while that is true, being a WWE wrestler is not easy and not everyone can be privileged to be one.

The first thing which is needed is superb physic, incredible athletic abilities, and probably tons of luck to become the top wrestler. WWE superstars earn a ridiculous amount of money during their careers. If you are wondering what is a ridiculous amount of money, take a look at some of the richest WWE wrestlers and their income.

Dwayne Johnson or ‘The Rock’

Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, is probably the most famous wrestler of all time. Does it surprise us that he is also the richest one? Absolutely not. After a successful wrestling career, The Rock did move on to acting, but he used to appear in some of the World Wrestling Federation shows until 2019. Yes, he became a real Hollywood star after the Fast & Furious movies, but let’s not forget that he earned around $200 million from his wrestling career.

Even after his retirement, Dwayne Johnson is considered to be one of the greatest professional wrestlers and wrestling draws ever.

John Cena

When someone mentions the World Wrestling Federation the immediate association is either The Rock or John Cena. If you ever placed an online wager on WWE at legal online betting sites like the ones you can find at gamblerzz, you should know who Cena is. The latter is the second top paid professional wrestler and his wealth is estimated at $55 million. Not only that he is a great actor and wrestler, but John Cena is also on a stardom path just like his colleague, Dwayne. John Cena is also known for his role in one of the Fast & Furious movies, Bumblebee and You Can’t See Me.

Apart from being a philanthropist, Cena enjoys being a part of different charity organizations. if he continues to be an actor actively his career in Holywood might reach even higher levels.

Steve Austin

If you are wondering which WWE wrestler in the Hall of Fame is the richest, it is definitely Stone Cold Steve Austin. He retired from wrestling in 2003 so that might be the reason why he is not as popular as the previously-mentioned wrestlers. Nevertheless, in terms of wealth, he is close to John Cena. Steve Austin managed to earn $45 million during his WWE career. Apparently like every other superstar wrestler, he decided to try acting after his retirement.

Steve has a podcast show called The Steve Austin Show where he talks about more than just wrestling. However, since it is an inseparable part of his life, the show ended up promoting the World Wrestling Federation and athletes are often his podcast guests.

Triple H

Another Hall of Famer Paul Michael Levesque, better known as Triple H, earned around $40 million during his wrestling career. His career started in 1992 and he is surprisingly still active, as an infrequent in-ring performer. Another thing that greatly influenced the success of this athlete, apart from his talent and physique, is his marriage to Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie is the daughter of Linda and Vince McMahon, who own the majority of WWE.

Triple H is currently the Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development at the World Wrestling Federation and a founder of NXT, a professional wrestling TV program.

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle signed with WWE in 1998, and that decision brought almost $25 million to his bank account – of course, after almost ten years of wrestling. He is the fifth richest WWE wrestler to this day, even if he retired in 2015. Besides being a part of the WWE, Kurt Angle was a dedicated wrestler way before that. NCAA during his college days, a gold medal in freestyle wrestling at the 1995 World Wrestling Championships, a gold medal at 1996 Summer Olympics in the same category, and the accolades continue to grow.

Just like Triple H and Steve Austin, Kurt Angle is also in the WWE Hall of Fame, and he decided to retire after almost two decades of a very successful wrestling career.

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