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Exciting Activities to Try Whilst You’re Waiting for the Next Main Event

The wait between main events can be a real drag for fight fans. Especially if the current storylines playing out in weekly shows aren’t catching your interest, or are overly focused on building up hype for the next major pay-per-view match. It can be hard to know what to do to pass the time, and you may find yourself aimlessly staring at your ceiling, bemoaning the lack of entertaining wrestling content. Here are some genius ideas for activities to try out in order to keep you occupied between main events.


There’s no two ways around it: whether it’s getting behind the handlebars of a dirt bike yourself, or catching up on the action in the American Motocross Association or the X-Games, there are few sports that match the intensity and excitement of professional wrestling like Motocross does. What’s not to love about the premise of launching overpowered all-terrain motorcycles off mammoth dirt jumps into the air and tricking their 250lbs of steel like it’s just a skateboard? There are some great resources to hand for getting your MX fix, with YouTube channels like TransWorld Motocross bringing its viewers the very latest goings in the sport with regular updates, news and coverage of all the major events in the Motocross calendar. If you’re interested in actually taking the reins and trying out the sport for yourself, you can search for your nearest track using resources like the A.M.A. club directory to quickly find local riding schools and classes to get you started.


Since the advent of home computers and gaming systems, video games have been the ultimate go-to procrastination tool of our modern culture and it’s perfectly understandable as to why. With fast paced action, chaos, explosions and cartoon levels of violence there’s little else that can give you such a rush from such low investment of energy. With new consoles like the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X coming out, game series like everyone’s favourite go-to franchise Call of Duty, or the vast open world dystopia Cyberpunk 2077, look and play better than ever. Though, if you prefer to play in a more classic style, there are still innovative and exciting gaming experiences for you to explore. Whether that’s challenging a friend to the massively popular 8 Ball Pool by Mini-clip, a game that can be played from right inside Facebook, or adding a touch of glamour with online slots titles like the jungle themed Nine Masks of Fire, game which can be played on mobile or in your browser.

Watch Classic Matches

Sometimes the only thing that can ever hope to fill a wrestling-shaped void is more wrestling. Reliving some of the greatest matches in the history of the sport is a great way to ride out dry spells in the events calendar and can even revive your love of the sport if it’s flagging. Whether that’s going super old school and watching classic 80s bouts, or tracing the evolution of a particular character in anticipation for the next major milestone in their career, there are literally thousands of hours of wrestling available online and through subscription model services. If you’re looking for an archive of explosive AEW matches, digital combat sports channel Fite TV offers these for subscribers under its AEW Plus service in addition to all the latest weekly episodes. YouTube has many classic matches and clips featuring moments from throughout the history of wrestling and, as of 2021, the on-demand WWE network has been folded into the Peacock streaming platform, where you can watch WWE classics as well as many bouts from the ECW, WCW and NWA.

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