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How Wrestlers Choose a Track to Enter the Ring

Nowadays, wrestling is a huge industry having worldwide popularity: this entertainment is known from the USA to Japan, and from Brazil to Canada. Wrestlers are idols for their fans who can be school students or respected and experienced workers.

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Wrestling and Music

It may seem that such brutal and masculine entertainment as wrestling has no chance to have something in common with creativity and art in general, and with music in particular. Still, the reality is different. The fighting show is an artwork, just like the papers students can order at

By the way, one of the most common delusions that exist about wrestling is that the fans suppose the fights to be real. Actually, wrestling fans are indeed aware that their favorite entertainment is just a show. It’s something like a theatrical performance where every element is in place. Well, sometimes wrestlers improvise during the fight, but the main turning points of every event are written in its screenplay.

And, of course, the ring entrance music of every wrestler is a part of the entire show as well. Themes of the most popular wrestlers are bound to become viral among the community members. For instance, the popularity of now iconic John Cena began to grow in the 2000s, and his entrance song called “My Time is Now” turned into a real hit for the entire wrestling community.

John sang the lyrics on his own, and it became a meme among thousands of fans. The very first seconds of this musical composition make the entire arena stand still and look for the C-Nation leader actively there. It is a genuinely melodic track able to bring everyone some positivity for the day. Maybe, that’s the key to its popularity.

Contrary to John, Randy Orton, with his entry theme called “Voices,” provides fans with the opportunity to tune their mind to the right mood wave with its music and lyrics combined. The theme appeared when Randy’s mind got clouded, and he began hearing voices in his head. Randy began doing crazy stuff like attacking everyone aggressively and behaving abnormally.

After his head became clear again, Orton left that theme playing as his entrance music to remind himself and every fan about those difficult moments of his past. The song actually has brilliant and exciting lyrics able to make the listener dive into it. Try it out, and most probably, you’ll feel those voices in your head.

These were only two themes among other famous tracks. Every fan knows how the theme of their favorite wrestler sounds. But the question frequently bothering those new to wrestling is simple: how does a wrestler choose that entrance track?

Choosing the Music

Obviously, fans may think their favorite wrestlers to be almighty and able to change anything about their public image whenever they want. However, apart from being public personalities with a lot of fame, wrestlers also need to keep up with their gimmick.

A wrestler’s gimmick means his or her in-ring character. It’s a role they play while fighting for titles. As wrestling is a show first of all, every persona is processed beforehand, including the entry theme.

As you might understand already, the entrance music track of a wrestler is not something randomly picked. It’s a carefully designed, created, and balanced composition called to shape the wrestler’s in-game image. Music is a robust way to make that avatar much more trustworthy.

However, wrestlers do not usually pick some ready-made song by this or that band. They try to avoid paying the copyright owners for the appropriate license, as it can be costly even for a wrestler or the promoting organization like WWE

So, it would be right to say that wrestlers do not choose their entrance music tracks at all. Specially hired composers knowing the deal create those themes. That is the way to make the song suit the wrestler’s gimmick perfectly.

A wrestler themselves may take part in the composing and recording process, but they are not really in command there. Everything is put to make the performance as exciting for fans as possible.

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