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Ins and Out of Dating an AEW Wrestling Fan

Dating is an intricate undertaking and more so when it comes to adjusting to the passions of your partner. Take for example dating an AEW wrestling fan that you are intrigued in and would want things to work out perfectly for you. The most important thing to note is that the sport is just the other side of who they are and not necessarily a personality trait. These fellows have a level of devotion to the sport and their favorite performers that is exciting.

Are they really so special?

Just like any other sports fanatics, AEW wrestling fans are interesting persons to be around if you can get it in your head to always expect them to be entranced by the sport. Of course, it can be disorienting at first but you will get used to it. If you just met a person and would want to know more about their interests and passion then it is best to ask them straight-up during the first date. Should they turn out to be an AEW wrestling fan then you need to keep reading for guidance on how to handle them.

Rules for a Successful Relationship

First of all, we all know and even your partner as well that wrestling is just a choreographed performance that is just meant for entertainment. With this in mind then you need to embrace the performance the way it is without expressing your disbelief. You should start taking an interest in the sport even though you are not amused by it for the benefit of your relationship. Learning some details about the sport, its participants, and how to date a fan would greatly enhance bonding with your partner.

Just like the Olympics, World Cup, or Premier League seasons, AEW wrestling can become very exciting once you get to know more about it and enjoy it with your partner. It would require you to get acquainted with its current trends that will ensure that your relationship stays up to date. Taking your time to know about the participants, terms, techniques, and specific events is a good way of staying at par with your companion. It will greatly impress them if you are conversant with their favorite performers and can relate to what is going on in the shows.

Most AEW wrestling fans like to emulate their favorite performer’s habits such as eating, lifestyle, and dressing. You need to know what these things are so that you can impress your partner by sometimes surprising them with some treats. You may also need to be conversant with when their favorite performers are due to be in the ring to avoid having other plans that will interfere with the show. It is not that complicated for you to be involved in the whole scenario if you take time to learn more about the sport.

Date Ideas

If you want to swim then you must get immersed in the water and get wet, right? So is the case when you want to get along with a wrestling fan. You need to be ready to accompany them to various shows that they want to attend and this will ensure that you spend more time together. This is a good thing as dating requires the participants to work on their bond by doing things that they mutually enjoy. You will get to learn more about the sport in the process.

Another way of engaging your dating partner in their passion is through challenging them in wrestling video games. Participating in something close to their heart will make you a great companion that they would always want to spend their time with. This is a great way to while away time as you engage in passionate conversations that pave the way for intimacy. Getting engrossed in the sport gives you something to always talk about when you finally make it a common interest.

You can go beyond that and look for movies that are wrestling-related to watch together with your partner. They may be documentaries, fiction, or life stories that your partner will certainly take interest in. The bottom line is to fuel their passion while you benefit from romantic affection thus it is worthwhile. You might find these presentations more interesting than the actual bouts as they tend to contain more concrete information about the sport.


Once you have decided that this is the person that you want to be dating on a long term then customizing yourself to their liking shouldn’t be unattainable. On the contrary, you might find yourself enjoying the whole experience as in the end, it will be learning a new hobby. When the relation is in full motion you will not have a hard time getting along with your partner. Online dating sites are a great place to stumble on such characters as they will have these details on their profiles. 

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