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Interesting Facts About The WWE Performance enter

The WWE Performance Center is one of the most iconic buildings in the history of sport. Over the span of its existence, it has seriously changed how people have come to perceive professional wrestling and how it is done in general. With a slew of rings, a gym with few equals around the world, and a great staff with a cumulative 160 years of experience, it’s hard to understate just how amazing the facility is.

Because of the WWE, many incredible talents have been developed in the world of professional wrestling, and that talent has all gone through the performance center.

Of course, much of this is already public knowledge, since the WWE does a big job of promoting the Performance Center. However, there are still lots of things about the Performance Center that even the most die-hard fans know nothing about. Here is a breakdown of the most interesting facts about the WWE performance center that you likely don’t know about. Try to keep track of how many caught you by surprise!

The ring bell from the inaugural WrestleMania is still there

There are lots of memorabilia in the WWE Performance Center, giving a nod to the building’s long and illustrious history. The group chairman, Triple H, makes sure that all new recruits understand just how many sacrifices were made to make it possible for them to pursue their dreams today.

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One of those memorabilia is the ring bell from the inaugural WrestleMania that hangs right above the door of the center’s locker room. It has been put in a prominent and visible position so that trainees see it right before they go to train. It is there to act as an inspiration so the young talent knows what they’re aiming for.

There are special rings for high flyers

The WWE has popularized highflying wrestling, and now it has come to be something that everyone expects from the franchise. In fact, the WWE has some of the world’s best talents when it comes to rope and highflying maneuvers. The truth, however, is that this type of wrestling bears a lot of risk and is incredibly dangerous.

To alleviate some of that risk, the WWE Performance Center has special rings that have been engineered to accommodate highflying and minimize the risk of injury. In these rings, wrestlers can practice this type of wrestling on a more specialized mat than the regular solid one.

The stars are sorted into different classes

As soon as wrestlers arrive at the WWE Performance Center, they are separated and sorted into different classes, depending on how far along they are on their journey of personal development as wrestlers. This includes big name wrestlers like Finn Balor and Kevin Owens who came to the franchise with many years of experience. Even they were put into a class. The highest class is usually made of the very best NXT talent while the lowest class usually consists of the most novice wrestlers who are still learning the ropes of professional wrestling.

By sorting wrestlers into classes, the WWE is better able to cater to their needs and management is better able to figure out who is ready for the main roster while tracking the progress of each individual wrestler as they develop.

There are cameras everywhere feeding footage to the WWE HQ

Triple H, the WWE group chairman, is a very busy man who has to play many roles simultaneously. However, tracking the progress of talent remains among his highest priorities. In fact, it is such a priority that he has installed cameras all over the WWE Performance Center so that he can watch a live feed of the goings on at the center from his Connecticut office.

This has many implications, not least that the coaches and talent have to always be on their best behavior and putting in all of their effort so Triple H is actually convinced that they are making progress and doing their best.

They have a green room for talent to practice their communication abilities

The Performance Center contains a green room so that talent can practice their interview and promo skills. This is vital for wrestlers to work on their talking abilities, which will be a huge contributor to their success at the company. It also helps broadcasters who are looking to practice their interviewing skills. These are hard skills to learn, and so the Performance Center takes them seriously, providing talent with all they need to practice and improve.

They have a commentary room

The Performance Center also has something for people looking to improve on their commentary. The commentary room, just like the green room, is set up specifically for practice. The room is set up like a regular commentary booth, and people can pick any match they like from history and provide commentary on it. This way, the WWE can train new commentators whenever it needs them.


The WWE Performance Center is truly a great place with lots of great facilities to help the talent grow. Hopefully, this set of interesting facts will demonstrate just how many great things go on at the facility and how great its impact is on the world of wrestling.

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