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It’s a Fight: How to Bet on UFC and AEW Fights Online

The Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC is arguably the most famous American mixed martial arts promotion company in the world. The MMA promotion is full of talents such as Brock Lesnar, Jorge Masvidal, Kamaru Usman, and Israel Adesanya. If you’re looking for a legit competition and sport, you’re looking at one of the best leagues in the world.

However, if you like a blend of stories and physical action, then you can look to professional wrestling. AEW is the newest pro wrestling promotion and it’s giving major promotions a run for their money. All Elite Wrestling was founded in 2018 by the billionaire Tony Knan with talents Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho, and the Young Bucks.

Both the UFC and AEW are some of the most entertaining spectacles you can watch. Although betting is legal in UFC matches, did you know that you can also bet on AEW? You can bet on UFC live events and AEW matches. If you want to know how it works, read on below.

Basics on Betting

Here is an easy guide for you, a quick guide about UFC Betting explained. Before you decide on betting on sports, you’ll need to know how to read and understand how odds work. The odds represent the probability of the games and determine how much money you’ll win if your bet wins.

Just like every sport, the favorite is represented with a lower figure, usually with a minus, while the underdog is served with a higher value and a positive sign.

The negative number on the favorite represents how much money you’ll have to bet to win $100. When betting on an underdog, the definite figure shows how much you can win if you risk $100.

How to Bet on the UFC

Betting on the UFC is just like betting on other combat sports. You’ll have to determine who you’ll think is the stronger or better fighter to win the match.

However, to be a successful UFC bettor, you should not only solely focus on who is the toughest. You must also learn how to find value and make bets with the most expected worth. To do this, you need to understand the different types of UFC bets.

  • UFC Moneyline or Match Bets -this type of bet is where you choose the winner of the match. The bookmaker decides the odds on each fighter, with one fighter as the favorite and the other as the underdog. It does not matter how these fighters win or what round they win in; the only thing that matters is the fighter you wager on walks away with the win.
  • UFC Round Betting – this is where the bookmaker sets a line on the length of the match. The bettor then decides if they think the fight will go longer or shorter than the predetermined line.
  • UFC Method of Victory – this type of bet is when the bookmaker sets odds on the outcome of the fight. Bets are won when the bettor correctly chooses the way a fighter wins. For example if “Fighter A” wins via KO, then those who bet on “Fighter A wins via KO” wins the bet.

Aside from learning the different bets, you should also have a betting strategy. Before deciding on who to bet on, you should study the fighter and consider the quality of his competition as well as his strengths and weaknesses.

Also, watching the weigh-ins and weight-cut can help you determine the fighter’s endurance, cardio, and mental perceptiveness. You should also keep an eye on recent injuries.

How to Bet on AEW

If you are a wrestling fanatic, you know AEW matches are pre-determined. These matches are scripted, and the organizer of AEW secure the results of the events with their lives.

However, betting on AEW is still as fun as betting on UFC. Although these fights already have pre-determined winners, you can make predictions by checking the writing patterns, story lines, and analyzing feuds with the superstar.

What should also matter is the history of each pro wrestler and how the writers book them. In professional wrestling, there are “Face” or “Baby Face” wrestlers and “Heel” wrestlers. Faces are the protagonists in a feud. The face appeals to the fans. Heels are the bad guys. 

Always remember that these fights were written, and personal bias or pattern will eventually show. You should also be wary of any plot twist that writers will include to add excitement.

It’s best to analyze the matches like a plot of the book or movie. Since you’re betting online, research as much as you could about any storylines, bias, and odds. Keep in mind that you are betting on the results at the end of the show. Any decisions that were overturned at a later date won’t affect any previous betting game. Any overturn should happen before the end of the show.

If a game finishes in a count-out or disqualification, that bet still counts, and the winner should pay based on those finishes.

Online Betting

As you know, not every sportsbook is trendy enough to offer both UFC and AEW betting to its clients. You may find sites offering these kinds of wagering, but they might not be trustworthy.

For this reason, only consider sites that offer UFC and AEW wagering consistently. Most trustworthy sites will also allow you to bet in different types and provide significant bonuses to new players.

You should choose a site that has dedicated guides and provides the latest odds and predictions. Check out where websites like these are recommended. Just keep in mind that online betting may require a deposit.


Betting on UFC and AEW requires a different strategy and planning. However, they are equally entertaining and require thoughtful analysis. Keep in mind that online betting is not just a simple game of luck.

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1 Comment

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    November 27, 2020 at 1:06 am

    UFC never stopped during covid! Loved UFC and your article!

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