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Oddest Gimmicks in Wrestling

When it comes to making it in the crazy world of wrestling, it always helps to have an amazing gimmick. Something that sets you out from the crowd and makes fans remember you and want to regularly tune in to watch your matches.

Of course, there are wrestlers that are so charismatic and captivating that they can have long-lasting careers without even needing a change of their name. We’re looking at you, Chris Jericho.

But not all wrestlers are as naturally gifted, so wrestling companies will reach far into their collective imaginations to try to come up with a gimmick that fans love, and some of them are, well, odd. So here is a quick look at some of the oddest gimmicks in wrestling history.

Isaac Yankem DDS

This example shows just how important the correct gimmick can be for a wrestler. Back in 1995, Glen Jacobs rocked up to the then WWF standing at a gigantic 7ft tall and over 300lb. He was a truly imposing figure that would make opponents cower in the ring, and what did WWF decide to do with this monstrous man? Why, they made him Jerry Lawler’s dentist of course.

Isaac Yankem DDS even had entrance music that began with the high-pitched whine of a dentist drill and came out to his matches in full dental scrubs.

Needless to say, the gimmick did not stick, and was dropped within a year as most viewers just thought the whole thing was lame. Jacobs then went on to become Kane, a gimmick much more fitting to the man, and he continues to have one of the longest wrestling careers in the business.

The Shockmaster

This gimmick just didn’t have a chance from the start. If you’re a wrestling fan and you haven’t seen the clip of the notorious Shockmaster making his introduction to the world, then you need to go and watch it.

It happened back in 1993 at a WCW Clash of Champions event, where unlucky wrestler Fred Ottoman was fitted out in a stormtrooper helmet that had been painted purple and then covered in glitter. Ottoman was then supposed to crash through a wall and menacingly declare himself as a new force in the company. Instead, poor Ottoman tripped, falling through the wall and his helmet fell off. Obviously, the gimmick never survived much longer after that, but Ottoman and the Shockmaster still hold a warm place in the wrestling world’s heart.


Ancient Greece and its mythology are a hugely popular setting for many kinds of entertainment including books, films and real money casino games. The game Age of the Gods is full of Greek mythological characters and is a stunning spectacle to the player, with scatters, free spins and multiplier wilds. It’s a great example of the Ancient Greece setting being used properly for entertainment purposes.

That is in great contrast to Mantaur, a wrestling gimmick that was again dreamt up by the then WWF in 1995. Meant to be half Ancient Greece’s monster Minotaur and half man, unlucky wrestler Mike Hallick just looked one complete mess. The suit he was forced to wear looked more comical than scary and he was made to headbutt, charge and even moo at opponents. Mantaur took part in both King of the Ring and the Royal Rumble in 1995, before the gimmick was quickly dropped and Hallick was put out of his misery.

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