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Top 5 Wrestlers to Place a Bet On

Wrestling is a close-knit community composed of top fans and wrestling enthusiasts. One can find the sport to be anything but easy. Wrestling involves taking risks with regard to one’s life when one steps into the ring to face one opponent. The most popular show of all time to be telecast on worldwide television is WWE. Wrestlers who take part in WWE have two things in common – stamina and athleticism. WWE sees wrestlers stepping in from various backgrounds including MMA, rugby, football, and basketball.

Wrestling is a common sport in online betting these days. People who are invested in the sport can make some money off the offshore bets that they placed on gambling sites. This requires knowledge of the sport as well as strategies for gambling in place. More importantly, it becomes necessary to know which wrestlers to place the wager on when one is indulging in sports betting online.

In this article, we shall introduce five names in the wrestling community who have an excellent track record of winning and in turn facilitating a large number of gamblers to win their bets. Read on and place your bet wisely to make some money.

Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler is a name that wrestling fans associate wrestling with. He is not only athletic but also quite effective in his moves. His physical appearance helps him gain bonus points to intimidate other wrestlers in the ring. Being in good shape helps Dolph Ziggler be extremely good at what he is within the ring. His moves are smooth and his tactics are versatile. Of course, Dolph Ziggler is powerful when compared to most other wrestlers in the league but he is also one of the gifted ones.

This puts him above a lot of people on the list. Place your bet on Ziggler if he is in the ring during the match.

John Cena

Here is a name that almost everybody in this world is familiar with – John Cena. Not only is John Cena blessed with some of the superhuman abilities that no other wrestler is blessed with, but he is also a well-known face among all in the world. John Cena is swift to get back to his feet within the ring. His signature move is the fameasser or the leg drop which is a huge hit among wrestling fans.

John Cena is famed for his 60-minute wrestling match with Shawn Michaels in WWE Raw. Enduring the powerful blows by Cena inside a ring for an hour was considered to be an accomplishment in itself.


Much above John Cena is ranked Sheamus. This is quite a surprise for some wrestling fans. However, the placement cannot be denied for Sheamus. Sheamus is not only an excellent player, he is also strong and powerful owing to the insane stamina and chiselled physique he has. He can endure himself within the ring for long durations.

One place people can find Sheamus all the time is the gym. He has been into long drawn fights with big names such as Wade Barrett and Randy Orton within the ring. The most ridiculous part is that he can pick up Big Show with much ease.

The Rock

Who does not know The Rock? Starting from the ring in WWE to movies, we have all had a fair share of him on our TV screens. He is always in his best shape. Dwayne Johnson or commonly known as The Rock left the WWE business earlier than everyone else to preserve his body and explore other avenues. However, in his return to WrestleMania 28 and Survivor Series 2011, he shone as a participant due to his natural ability as an athlete to excel.

In case of reruns of matches in the betting event, you can go with The Rock with a good understanding of the situation.

Randy Orton

Randy Orton is another of those names which people associate with wrestling since time immemorial. Randy Orton is one of the best athletes in the WWE world with performance skills right up his sleeves. He can wrestle his opponent to death while he entertains the crowds. Apart from being one of the best athletes in the WWE, he is a face people know beyond the wrestling community.

Randy Orton has high energy levels and stamina that is enviable. He is always in shape that gives him an edge over the others. Orton has the best dropkick move in the entire WWE. This is the result of the hours Orton spends in the gym to develop his moves within the ring.

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