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How to Stop Betting: Guide for Wrestling Fans

As much as thrilling the act of gambling can be, it can also be quite addictive. Money-making is the primary reason that incorporates the thrill in gambling. However, countless gamblers fall prey to the cycle of gambling beyond control and debt. Gambling addiction occurs when an individual cannot resist the urge to gamble, thereby leading to severe problems in their personal and social sphere. There is no one particular kind of gambling activity that can lead to such a stage. Any wagering may make a person prone to betting uncontrollably.

With the advent of online gambling, it has become almost impossible to avoid gambling activities permanently. Not just casino gambling but eSports and sports betting can also make one vulnerable to the threats of gambling online. In this article, we shall discuss ways in which wrestling fans can curb their gambling time online.

For example, in real-life sports, the Betting and gambling council (BGC) in the UK has directed premium football associations such as English Premier League and the English Football League against provoking young players through gambling endorsements and merchandise. Similarly, The NFL Players Association or NFLPA has been advising players on Responsible Gambling in partnership with the GVC foundation in the US and EPIC Risk Management.

Self-Exclusion Services (GamStop)

Gamblers who find it difficult to stop themselves from indulging in wagering on online casinos and sports betting sites can make use of self-exclusion services. Self-exclusion service is a facility set up by dedicated authorities who wish to support problem gamblers to quit or reduce gambling. If one finds to spend too much time on sports betting websites, they can register themselves on the service homepage. On the other hand, we have got the report from that says there are still some betting sites that are not on GamStop. This rules them out as a player on the websites which partner with the self-exclusion service.

Apart from that, some services monitor your gambling activities online and restrict all gambling pages from your browser. These are usually paid services that come with their dedicated mobile application. The services are tailored to each user. The self-exclusion services make sure to take reasonable measures every time a wagerer tries gambling online. Once a gambler registers with a self-exclusions service such as BeGambleAware or GamStop, they have to abide by the agreements they have to sign before setting themselves up for the service.

Alternatively, you can choose to register a loved one for the service if you detect signs of gambling addiction in them. Players who find themselves unable to withdraw themselves from wrestling betting events can use these services as they are the most useful when it comes to exclusion.

Gambling Blockers

As we mentioned earlier, services provide tools to help problem gamblers block harmful websites and online casinos for their benefit. These are called gambling blockers. Gambling blockers block all gambling apps and websites so that the person who has signed up can effectively rule out all gambling opportunities. There may be an option to include more than one device under the same account by which the service can ensure that they are not betting via some other device.

Gambling blockers detect VPNs and proxy servers that are used to gamble as well. These services are tailor-made to suit one’s personal needs and tendencies to gamble. Usually, gambling blockers are applications that require a monthly or yearly subscription fee. Some common gambling blockers include Betfilter, Gamban, Gamblock, BetBlocker, Lotto, and TAB. Remove promotional emails and cut off all interactions with gambling services to refrain from betting.

Gambling Block through Banks

There are several banking services, especially in the United Kingdom, which offer tools to block gambling transactions for their customers at risk. Banks can put restrictions on the spending on gambling activities, block accounts on gambling websites and apps from their payment service, and let gamblers switch off their payments to a particular platform that includes gambling services.

Gambling blocks through banks primarily function through card payments. Banking services can also restrict payments via e-wallet systems.

Counselling Services

Watching wrestling shows in itself can leave quite an impact on one’s mind. When combined with betting, the stress and addiction can get beyond manageable in a gambler. When all else fails, one must take to counselling services as they prove to be effective. One can find gambling therapists and services online. Alternatively, one can sign up for one-to-one services at a chamber as well.

It is essential to take note of the warning signs and take action immediately. Gambling addiction can lead to severe psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, and stress. Talk to a counsellor or therapist to tackle your problems in a better way.

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