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Top AEW Wrestlers who Will Steal The Spotlight in 2021

The last days of AEW Dynamite featured many contradictory moments that left fans baffled and excited, to say less. Everything from Mike Tyson’s appearance to the first night of NXT TakeOver and the TNT Championship of Darby Allin, AEW has delivered nothing short of an enjoyable show, which got increasingly better as things unraveled to the second half of the show. As die-hard fans of the AEW Dynamite, we can’t help but ask the question of how WWE NXT is faring against AEW Dynamite in terms of quality.

As per a report by Showbuzz Daily, AEW Dynamite dropped slightly in its viewership with 757 thousand viewers. The last week’s viewership of AEW Dynamite was 768 thousand. On the other hand, WWE NXT saw a boost with 678 thousand viewers, with last week’s viewership ranging somewhere at 597 thousand. If you are new to the AEW arena, you might want to look at the best bodybuilders who are ripped and considered “too muscular”.

AEW has many talented wrestlers under its belt, some of which are shining megastars, whereas others are still in the process of making and grinding their way up to reach the elite wrestlers. Let’s have a look at the wrestlers who have the potential to shine in the spotlight and make a significant impact in 2021.

Eddie Kingston

Not only is Eddie Kingston on fire when he is on the microphone, but he is nothing less in the ring either. Kingston truly knows how to emotionally wreck his fans while he wears his heart on this sleeve – his promos are enough evidence. Within the AEW Dynamite’s squared circle, you will find no man more physical than Eddie Kingston. Kingston has the potential to fight his opponents to death if this is required to win! Don’t believe us? Just watch his famous match against Jon Moxley! That match was fought in 2020 for the “Full Gear” Championship. You will see the potential and caliber of the man, Eddie Kingston, shining through – a true brawler by his heart and soul.


What do you expect when you see a big brute like Wardlow enter the arena? Don’t judge him by his big appearance alone. Wardlow has definitely so much more to offer than can meet the eye. You might have found some evidence of this uprising star in his fight against Jake Hager.

Everyone in the audience was expecting the two rivals to run into each other like two mad bulldogs and mangle one another. Although fans did get to watch this, it was Wardlow’s incredible flexibility and athleticism that made him stand out in the ring. Despite him being 266 pounds, he can move like a jagger.

Professionally and figuratively talking, this man Wardlow, also referred to as Mr.Mayhem, will make it big in the world of AEW Dynamite with his physique, presence, and underrated stage charisma.

Tay Conti

When it comes to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Tay Conti has it all as we all have witnessed what the artist is capable of doing. The second half of 2020 was taken over by Conti, and undoubtedly, her talent was tremendously overlooked at first. We all witnessed her unparalleled talent in her march against Serena Deeb, where Conti was just warming up and getting started in her game.

If you are new to the AEW Dynamite, you will be mesmerized by her devastating Judi strikes as she gets physical and ties her opponents into a knot. Despite her angelic and innocent visage, Tay Conti is a relentless competitor. That said, it would be no surprise if Tay Conti was soon to take over the Women’s Division of AEW.

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