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WWE Wrestlers That Love to Gamble

It’s no wonder that our life journey should be full of thrill, risk, and entertainment. Hence, it’s perfectly normal that we should spend hours watching powerful WWE wrestlers put up a hell of a show to make us feel on edge and get the blood running. Even if their entire performance is merely a show, there’s so much behind it all. WWE wrestlers spend whole their life exercising, weightlifting, and taking risks outside of the ring to keep them going – one of which is gambling. Luck games and gambling exude numerous risk-taking activities and daring challenges that most WWE adore. Here are some of the most famous WWE wrestlers that enjoy a good casino game to spruce up the thrill in life.

  1. Jeff Hardy

This notorious, jaw-dropping, “killer”  wrestler is one of the most famous practitioners of good casino games. Jeff Hardy managed to retain a pretty dangerous name for himself throughout his WWE career, as he’s known for performing outrageous stunts such as dropping on his enemies from the top of a ladder. Nevertheless, his constant “need” or urge to be risky has also drowned him in gambling. Not only does he love to play some of the iconic casino games, but all the same he likes to provide his fans with a good piece of advice on where and on which game they might put their money on.

  1. John Cena

Presumably one of the most courageous, daring, and charismatic individuals in WWE history, John Cena’s popularity raised in a blink of an eye. This cheerful guy is mainly known for his explosive temper that emerges once his opponent challenges him. Therefore, it’s no secret that he would use up his fierce energy and competitive temper on some of the table games. Luckily, to avoid crushing tables and losing his temper, Cena has shifted his interest to online casino games. Sites like Casino-Bros enable celebrities like Cena to keep their personal life and preferences hidden. If you are intrigued about what his favorite game might be, find more reviews on Casino-Bros to unravel the mystery and enjoy a quality gambling game just like John.

  1. CM Punk

Undoubtedly, the popular CM Punk with his risk-taking background has always attracted loads of drama and entertainment. Fans surely love him for that, but even in calculated and seemingly staged but still dangerous matches, he has always found a way to have his word out. What he would usually do is say a handful of words to his opponents on the microphone and challenge them to an even greater fight. With all those things in mind, it’s only logical that CM Punk likes to challenge his abilities in the gambling world. Even if he often goes undercover, his love for online casino games is no strange for the crowd, and most people love him even more for that.

  1. John Morrison

After making his debut fight as Johnny Nitro, he ended up winning many wrestling competitions and creating a successful career at the same time. Later as Johnny Mundo, Johnny Impact, then Spade or Ultra, he confirmed his daredevil and bizarre outlook to his worshipers. He, just like many other wrestlers like him, is no stranger to playing various gambling games such as roulette, poker, or blackjack. Just like in a ring, gambling gives Johnny some untamed and wild control that boosts up the blood just as if he were fighting with his WWE companions.

  1. Kurt Angle

Aka Mr. Angle, this amazing wrestler has had his fair share of bombastic actions both inside and outside the ring. Most people know he has won an Olympic gold medal in 1996 as a freestyle wrestler, and later won numerous other championships, but not many people know that he is keen on gambling. Unlike other wrestlers, he prefers to play safe when he visits some online casino site. The reason behind this notion is that he likes to have things under his control, to exercise persistence and endurance, all of the abilities gambling spruces up.

WWE wrestlers are in the end human beings who love to immerse into a good gambling game, especially when the winnings and risks are high.

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