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Wrestling vs Boxing: Which is More Entertaining?

Fans across the world love getting together to experience the dramatic sporting events of wrestling and boxing. The thrill of each fight gets fans jumping on their feet to predict who the winner will be. Both sports are different in that they’re entirely different combat sports, however, many people wonder if this affects how entertaining the sports are to watch and engage with. Keep reading to find out what is the more exciting venture out of the two.

Key Differences

When it comes to deciding which sport is more entertaining, we must decipher how different the two sports actually are. You’d maybe not think so, but both sports are different in the way the game is played, the way both opponents fight, and the techniques used. For example, boxing matches are usually a lot shorter than wrestling. Long duration matches generally curate more entertainment as fans need to wait longer for a result. When it comes to fighting and technique too, boxers can only hit with punches, whereas, wrestlers can full-body tackle and take down their opponents. Boxers are a lot more defensive while wrestlers throw themselves at their opponents. With this, wrestling seems to be more entertaining this way.


One of the best things surrounding sports is being able to make predictions on the outcome of matches. This is what truly drives entertainment and engagement among fans. You can bet on both wrestling and boxing on different online sites. For Boxing, check out NetBet sport for example and for wrestling, you can bet at top WWE sites. Despite being able to bet, people often wonder if fighting matches are fixed – or in other words, the winner is often decided before the match begins. Individuals are led to believe that wrestling is the faker sport of the two, but this is only because it is scripted meaning that the opponents rehearse their lines before the match. This is usually purely for entertainment purposes and goes down a treat at live events.

Live Events

Professional wrestling and boxing matches are considered the most entertaining live events out of any sport played across the globe. This is because there is a whole lead up to the match, with both opponents battling out the win on social media, weigh-ins and scripts. As we mentioned, most individuals know that wrestling matches are ‘fake’. If this is the case, then why are they so entertaining? Pro-wrestling matches are often extremely dramatic and humorous, with costumes, background stories and fighting. Comparing this to boxing matches, they are less scripted and more about the actual fight than the decoration surrounding the event. While there are forms of anxiety and excitement while watching boxing matches, wrestling appears to be more entertaining as people love the storyline aspect. Ultimately, it depends on what the fan likes to see in the ring or cage.

The verdict

Overall, when it comes to deciding which sport is more entertaining, it principally depends on the interests of the fans. However, in the grand scheme of things, wrestling appears to be more attractive to new fans as it is so dramatic and grand.

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