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WWE Legend Zeb Colter and 5 Things Didn’t Know About Him

Those who know of Jack Swagger, remember the summer of 2014 when he became a true hero. Together with his manager Zeb Colter, Swagger fought against Rusev, winning the hearts of millions of Americans.

Younger generations might now Colter as a highly wanted manager but in fact, his career in the WWE stretches back to the ’70s. Next to managing and wrestling, Colter has also been the key figure in molding some of the biggest names in the wrestling world. Besides fighting against Jerry Lawler, he was also the one to give career-defining advice to Steve Austin.

To honor Zeb Colter’s contribution to the wrestling industry, in this article we’ve listed some less familiar facts about him that most people don’t know.

His Many Nicknames

Zeb Colter has many nicknames that were given to him in different periods of his career. So if you hear someone mentioning Wayne Keown, Dutch Mantell, Uncle Zebekiah, you should know they are talking about the same guy, and that’s Zeb Colter.

He Wrestled In A Match That Lasted Over An Hour

In 1986, Bill Dundee and Buddy Landell were about to face the crowd’s favorites, Mantell and Lawler. The event that took place at Mid South Coliseum had been sold out, and the eager crowd had been waiting for the wrestling rivals Mantell and Lawler to finally team up and face a common enemy. Never have the American seen such a wrestling spectacle. It lasted for one hour and 15 minutes and ended with 26 falls.

Steve Austin’s Other Name

Learning about past events is important for new generations of wrestling and gambling fans. Knowing how superstars came to be and what shaped them into professional wrestlers will help you understand each individual athlete. We can see that in some cases one move was the one that defined the athlete’s entire career.  And while most of us test our luck at iDeal casino online, wrestlers do so by choosing the right name or the right manager. Dutch has been a mentor and manager to wrestlers like Kane and The Undertaker.

The biggest name from the wrestling world that Dutch shaped and advised is Steve Austin. Way back when Steve Williams was still a rookie, there had been another wrestler with the same name. Dutch Mantell thought that the appropriate names for the young wrestler would be William Stevenson III and Stevie Rage. In the end, they agreed on Steve Austin and that’s how a legend was born.

Nearly Brought A Chainsaw Into The Ring

Since Zeb Colter hadn’t been the biggest of the bunch, he used other things to get attention from the audience. He used every possible thing that he could think of to stand out from the crowd. During his time in Puerto Rico, he added the nickname “Dirty” to his collection, and afterward came the whip and the hat.

Soon, other wrestlers started copying his style, and all started using the whip. This annoyed Mantell, so during one interview, he stated that he plans to bring a chainsaw to the ring, just to see if other wrestlers would copy that as well.

His Involvement in Bruiser Brody’s Murder Trial

In 1988, Bruiser Brody was killed in Puerto Rico by Jose Gonzalez also known as Invader. Invader invited Bruiser to the shower to discuss something and ended up stabbing him to death. Jose Gonzalez claimed to have done so in self-defense.

Dutch Mantell had also been there at the time, and was subpoenaed twice since the trial’s date had been postponed. Dutch suspected for a long time that the events of that murder trial as well as his subpoena were a strong indicator of Puerto Rico’s corrupt legal system which was trying to cover up for Gonzalez’s crime.

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