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BJW “BJW vs. CZW: Ante Up” 12/2/2001 Yokohama, Japan

  1. Fantastik & Marcela vs. Ryuji Ito & Hiromi Yagi
  2. BJW Jr. Title & CZW Jr. Title: Ruckus vs. The Winger vs. Trent Acid
  3. Six Man Tag-Team Match: Abdullah Kobayashi, Naoki Numazawa & Daikokubo vs. Kamikaze, Shunme Matsuzaki & Hideki Hosaka
  4. Barbed Wire Boards: Shadow WX vs. BADBOY Hido
  5. 200 Light Tubes: Wifebeater vs. Jun Kasai vs. Mad Man Pondo vs. Zandig
  6. CZW World Title: Nick Gage vs. Justice Pain (c)
  7. Terry Funk & Terry Boy vs. Mil Mascaras & Kung Fu Le
  8. Best of Seven Series (Match 5): Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Shinjiro Otani
  9. Exploding Glass, Light Tubes & Thumbtacks: BJW Deathmatch Title: Zandig vs. Mitsuhiro Matsunaga (c)
  10. BJW Tag-Team Titles & WEW Hardcore Tag-Team Titles: MEN’s Teioh & Daisuke Sekimoto (c) vs. Kintaro Kanemura & Ryuji Yamakawa (c)

CZW “World Heavyweight Championship: 1999-2019 Title History Vol. 1” Compilation

  1. Battle Royal featuring Zandig, Jon Dahmer, Nick Gage, Ric Blade, Sensational One, Atticus Reighns, Mr. Meaner, Heartbreaker, Bobby Muniz, Mr. Motion, Quicksilver, Price, Schaffer, Mr. Obnoxious, Jose Rivera Jr., El Lizard, Billy Baja, Angel Vera, PR Express & Flawless to crown the first CZW Heavyweight Champion (CZW “The Staple Gun” 3/27/1999 Mantua, NJ)
  2. Four Way Match: CZW Heavyweight Title: Justice Pain vs. John Kronus vs. Zandig vs. Nick Gage (CZW “May Madness” 5/22/1999 Mantua, NJ)
  3. CZW Heavyweight Title: Nick Gage vs. Zandig (CZW “Down in Flames” 6/19/1999 Mantua, NJ)
  4. CZW Heavyweight Title: Wifebeater vs. Nick Gage (CZW “September Slam” 9/18/1999 Mantua, NJ)
  5. I Quit, Barbed Wire Strap Match: CZW Heavyweight Title: Zandig vs. Wifebeater (CZW “The War Begins” 11/20/1999 Mantua, NJ)
  6. CZW Heavyweight Title: Justice Pain vs. Zandig (CZW “No Rules, No Limits” 7/22/2000 Sewell, NJ)

CZW “Fake You! TV” Episodes 47 thru 52, featuring:!-tv/13565/media

  • CZW Jr. Title: Trent Acid (c) vs. Jerry Lynn
  • High Stakes 4-Way (Messiah’s Relationship w/ Kristi Myst vs. Pain’s CZW World Title vs. Flash’s CZW Iron-Man Title vs. Mondo’s Career): The Messiah vs. Justice Pain (c) vs. Adam Flash (c) vs. “Sick” Nick Mondo
  • CZW World Title vs. CZW Iron-Man Title: Justice Pain vs. Nick Mondo (c) vs. The Messiah (c) (Special Referee: Adam Flash)
  • Jonny Storm vs. Jody Fleisch vs. Johnny Kashmere
  • Heavy Max Feury vs. Tony Mamaluke vs. Ruckus
  • B-Boy vs. Nick Berk vs. Super Dragon
  • Gabriel vs. “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross vs. Trent Acid
  • CZW World Title: Adam Flash vs. Justice Pain (c)
  • Jonny Storm vs. Jody Fleisch
  • B-Boy vs. Super Dragon
  • “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross vs. Trent Acid

Extreme Championship Wrestling content:

Best of Eastern Championship Wrestling Vol. 4

  1. Falls Count Anywhere: ECW Heavyweight Title: Super Destroyer #1 (w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III) vs. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka (c)
  2. ECW Heavyweight Title: Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka vs. “Magnificent” Don Muraco (c)
  3. Stanley Wayne Manor & Jimmy Snuka confront ECW Owner Tod Gordon & the ECW locker room
  4. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka vs. Tony “The Hitman” Stetson
  5. JT Smith (w/ Tigra) vs. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka (w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III)

Legends of the Arena (ECW Reunion Show)
Part 1:
Part 2:

  1. CW Anderson vs. 2 Cold Scorpio
  2. Bilvis Wesley vs. The Muskateer
  3. “Crowbar” Devon Storm vs. Chris Hamrick
  4. 3 Way Dance: Jamie Dundee vs. Scotty Riggs vs. Rhino
  5. 2009 Arena Hall of Fame Ceremony
  6. Philadelphia Street Fight: Da Baldies vs. The Hardcore Chair-Swingin’ Freaks
  7. The F.B.I. vs. the b.W.o
  8. Al Snow vs. Jerry Lynn
  9. Extreme Rules: Raven & Justin Credible with Chastity & Jason vs. Sabu & The Sandman with Bill Alfonso- Special Guest Referee Terry Funk

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