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STARDOM’s Title Holder Arisa Hoshiki Announces Retirement

STARDOM announced via their Twitter account that Arisa Hoshiki has announced her retirement due to neck and head injuries. At only 24, her last match was back in February.

“We are saddened to report that due to neck and head injuries, Arisa Hoshiki has officially retired. The Wonder of Stardom title has been returned to Stardom. We wish Arisa the very best in her future. Thank you for your continued support of Stardom.”

Hoshiki released her own statement, which STARDOM’s English Twitter account has translated.

“Stardom fans, long time no see, thank you for always showing me support. It’s Arisa Hoshiki. After asking you to wait, I can now announce it. I was absent from the Korakuen Hall show on March 8 due to head and neck issues. After discussions with doctors, Mr. Harada (President of Bushiroad Fight), and Mr. Ogawa (Rossy Ogawa, Stardom Executive Producer), I have decided that I will retire.

I’ve not been well for about a year, but I was able to continue because I enjoyed doing professional wrestling, and my feelings helped keep me going. However, since my physical condition has deteriorated this year and I have accumulated various injuries, I am out of balance mentally and physically, so I can’t continue.

At present, my neck has improved, but my head is still in bad condition. I wanted to return the Wonder of Stardom belt as soon as I got into such a state, but I think that the timing was bad because of the coronavirus and so on. I can’t settle in-ring issues with Natsuko Tora, Giulia, and Tam Nakano. I wanted to fight against those three guys especially for my White Belt, but I couldn’t finish it because of my body, and to all the fans who were looking forward to it, I am sorry.

In the end, I wanted to tell the fans in the ring, but we have this current world situation. I’m really sorry that the announcement was made while the Stardom shows aren’t happening. In the future, I will continue to do work that I love while watching my physical and mental conditions. It was a short time that I came back to wrestling, but I would like to thank you all for your support.”

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