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Bray Wyatt Could Topple Roman Reigns For The Universal Championship

Bray Wyatt returned at Extreme Rules with six members of his Firefly Funhouse. He hasn’t returned to WWE TV in person, but was on Raw via vignette. He is scheduled to be on SmackDown this Friday Night, but there’s no clarity if he would be via vignette or in person.

WWE has put various challengers and challenges in front of Roman Reigns but none of them have been able to topple the current Head of the Table. The Tribal Chief has come out stronger and it looks like only someone with some supernatural power will be able to topple the champion.

During Black Adam’s promotion, The Rock has also confirmed that he is the Head of the Table. It does give a hint that he will be involved in a storyline with Roman Reigns as WrestleMania 39 comes closer. The bigger question is how he will this mamoth task be achieved.

The seeds of this were planted when Logan Paul came to SmackDown to confront the champion. He called Jey Uso as someone who is The Tribal Chief, or rather a part who doesn’t appreciate The Tribal Chief. We all know that Jey had issues with Roman Reigns when the current champion started this moniker.

He has some issues with the current Honorary Uce. Sami Zayn is Roman Reigns’ favorite. It’s possible that Sami Zayn would try to help Roman Reigns if Reigns and Wyatt came to a feud in the ring. The promos would be fire, and so would be the match.

If this happens then Jey could interfere and in the name of fairly calling things down the middle, cost Roman Reigns the title match. It would lead to a feud between Reigns and Uso, where Jey would share how he feels about the champion.

As Reigns is about to attack his cousin, The Great One’s music could hit and he could come out to burn the former champion. Roman Reigns could lose the WWE title after his feud is over with Logan Paul at Crown Jewel on November 5th in Saudi Arabia.

WWE title could be a part of Raw so that the brand also has a champion. The WWE title loss could come due to Bray Wyatt’s interference in the match which would lead to a feud for the Universal Championship between Wyatt and Reigns.

After Roman Reigns loses both the titles, he would be questioned for his moniker as the Head of the Table. It would lead to Jey Uso sharing his feelings and then The Rock could come in to confront the current storyline’s Head of the Table.

This could lead to a feud between the two at WrestleMania 39 while both brands would have new champions. It would help the WWE get rid of a single person and brand holding to the titles. The Head of the Table moniker would be over, but the heel persona could continue.

Bray Wyatt has already liked a tweet referencing to the Universal Championship. It’s only a matter of time before it becomes a reality. WWE knows that having the title off of Reigns and on Wyatt with the aforementioned possibility will not hurt the product.

Bray Wyatt has already hinted at his choice

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