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Solo Sikoa Talks About Working With Roman Reigns

Solo Sikoa is one of the members of The Bloodline. The Bloodline features a couple of people including The Head of the Table Roman Reigns, The Usos and The Honorary Uce Sami Zayn. Solo Sikoa has had a triumphant main roster debut since he made his presence felt in Cardiff Wales at WWE Clash at the Castle.

Solo ensured that his Uce and Tribal Chief won the match. He took out the referee during the final moments of the match. He has since had excellent matches on the WWE roster and its presence can be felt on Raw and SmackDown. The person who has held him during this time is Sami Zayn. The Honorary Uce has showcased why he needs to be given the legendary title.

WWE’s Bloodline member, Solo Sikoa recently appeared on the Cheap Heat with Peter Rosenberg and spoke his mind about a variety of matters. It involved Roman Reigns, Sami Zayn and what he thinks of his character. The Uce was clear on his thoughts and shared his views without any diversions.

I feel like I want it all man, but I want it all with my family. I know there’s no ceiling with me or my brothers or big uce Roman Reigns, there’s never a ceiling, there’s never a point where we want to stop at, because there’s always that next level, where we want to get to. Looking at Roman Reigns man, everything he’s done for me, bringing me in, man. Hopefully, I can be up there one day too. (12:27-12:59)

Notably, Solo Sikoa hasn’t worked so much on the main roster, but he has the NXT experience and the Samoan heritage in his blood. The Samoan heritage has helped WWE over the years with Roman Reigns’ father, and their other family members have graced the wrestling stage.

There was a couple of times. Sami’s like that little brother where he’s the loud brother and he’s dancing all over the place but when he bumps into trouble, he runs back to his older brothers for help. I feel like Sami’s like that. But like I said, he’s one of those characters where it’s very one in a million to have him around, and he’s in The Bloodline, so it doesn’t get no better than that. (13:18-13:45)

It needs to be seen if the WWE would give him an opportunity to shine on his own or if he will stay under the shadows of his brothers and bigger Uce, Roman Reigns. While he needs to learn a lot, it would be interesting to see what he does in the near future.

What do you think of Solo Sikoa’s comments? Chime in.

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