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‘Celtic Warrior Workouts’ Is Returning To YouTube

Having trouble staying motivated for the gym? That’s the case for many out there trying to lose a few inches on the old waist, or looking to add a few inches to the biceps. Staying in shape or trying to get there is hard enough. Well, good news folks: Celtic Warrior Workouts on YouTube are back!

via Celtic Warrior Workouts on YouTube

Pro wrestlers seem to have it down though, and they get there while having to eat on the road and working out in a different gym every single day.

Like I said, they manage to do it and most are in epic shape. Keep in mind that the WWE schedule is the hardest schedule in pro wrestling primarily because of the house shows the promotion still puts on (non-televised events).

One such man that stays in tip-top is none other than Sheamus. His physique has always been impressive. And it was a few years back that he had a very successful YouTube channel called Celtic Warrior Workouts.

It’s been on hiatus for well over about two years and just recently Sheamus announced that the YouTube program would be making its triumphant return.

It is in Celtic Warrior Workouts that Sheamus visits with a WWE superstar and gets a deep look at his or her workouts. He conveys that knowledge to the viewer and passes on a lot of knowledge in just this way. The channel has 732K subscribers, and it gets loads of views by the day.

The show being gone was a drag but it is returning, as stated. So if you’re looking to get into shape and want some knowledge from athletes that have absolutely no off-season and need to go, go, go… all the while oftentimes having to fuel themselves on gas station food and McDonald’s, then this is the channel for you, dear readers.

Some epic episodes from the past to check out before the new installments drop include:

John Cena – Parts 1 & 2: John Cena’s training regimen changed drastically the minute he started to concentrate more on his film career. His workout now includes more stretching and cardio and it shows. In these two installments, he gives you a deeper look at just how his new program works.

via Celtic Warrior Workouts on YouTube

Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre: These two men make many appearances on the show and that’s for good reason. In fact, Dew McIntyre has credited Sheamus for helping him achieve the gains in his body; his transformation speaks for itself. Jinder is in epic shape as well of course, and his own body transformation speaks volumes as well. Both men have made many appearances and have a lot of great tips which they share freely.

via Celtic Warrior Workouts on YouTube

Batista: Batista’s training has also changed over the years…his film career putting a whole different demand on his physique. He shows you how to work around nerve damage and still gets a great workout meshing boxing, MMA, cardio drills and weights.

via Celtic Warrior Workouts on YouTube

Edge: Edge shows you how to work around serious injuries like the neck injury he suffered from. He spent 9 years away from competitive action; that’s how serious his injury was. He gets it done regardless and he shows you how. He too did many episodes.

And stars like Charlotte Flair, Alexa Bliss and even Mandy Rose (and a plethora of others) give their own tips and tricks to get the gains you’re looking for in the gym.

As far as pro wrestling is concerned, Sheamus is headed to Clash at the Castle in Cardiff, Wales to face none other than Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship—the one championship that has eluded him during his very illustrious 13-plus year WWE career.

He wrestled on the indies in Europe and in WWE’s developmental territories before that. The match at Clash at the Castle is expected to be a very physical one. The event is scheduled to go down on Saturday September 3rd, 2022.

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