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Steve Austin Has High Praise For The Usos & Surprisingly Even Roman Reigns!

Steve Austin wasn’t always a fan of Roman Reigns. In the past he was very critical of his techniques in terms of “selling,” but now the GOAT has come around on that front apparently, stating in an interview with Sportskeeda that the “Head of the Table” has come into his own.

Although he sure has come a long way and is in his greatest incarnation, Roman Reigns will never have the nod by anyone pertaining to his work ethic; there is absolutely no way. He is a part-timer and has clocked in less hours than anyone on the roster. He has defended his championship even less, and that in the end sends the wrong message overall about the WWE product.

Triple H has rectified many of the monumental errors made by Vince McMahon and company over the last half decade, but this is one he’s overlooking. Keeping the championship on Reigns, when Reigns is unwilling to do the work, is not only wrong, it’s ridiculous. There are so many stars deserving of that title right now.

via WWE on YouTube

But Austin was nice as far as comments were concerned. Here’s what he had to say about Roman:

“They didn’t book him in the greatest fashion at certain points in his career. But when he walked through the door, he was one of those guys that had that look and had that it factor…Like, ‘If we can do the right thing with this guy, he is going to get over.'”

via Wrestling Inc. (Transcription)

But of the Usos, he had this to say:

“Jimmy and Jey were just kind of like, ‘Eh, we’re a tag team,’ but now, they’re a tag team with an identity, a character…The Usos, they are a thing now, and they’re a force to be reckoned with…They’re one of the best tag teams on planet Earth right now.”

via Wrestling Inc. (Transcription) – link above

In truth they’re doing all the work. They helped Roman defeat Brock Lesnar, and whenever else he doesn’t feel like showing up they take care of business, so to speak.

It’s hard for me to see how someone like Steve Austin can speak highly of what Roman is doing right now. Steve never did business that way and when he couldn’t hold the title because of injury, he didn’t hold the title, he not holding anyone back ever; he took what was his, but when it was time to move on he did.

This all leads me to question, when will it be time for singles runs for the Usos? They’d definitely deserve it.

We can’t forget that Steve Austin is a company man, and he’ll push what the company tells him to push, and that’s Roman Reigns right now. This is a terrible mistake, but what can we do about it. Looks like Triple H is making a mistake after all, and his first one since getting into power, and that’s doing McMahon’s bidding, and whatever it was he had planned for Roman Reigns is still in the works, which is very frustrating. This run is the most disappointing championship run in decades folks…and we’re stuck with it. And the more we keep getting interviews like this one, the more nothing will change.

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