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Rikishi Responds to Roman Reigns Favoring Solo Sikoa on WWE SmackDown

In a recent WWE SmackDown episode that aired on December 15, a notable segment stirred conversations within the WWE Universe as Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns dubbed Solo Sikoa as the ‘Tribal Heir’, elevating him in status within the famed Anoa’i wrestling dynasty. The scene, however, left fans speculating about the reactions seen on Jimmy Uso’s face, who, unlike his brother, did not receive the same acknowledgment from Reigns.

WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi, the father of Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso, took a moment on social media to acknowledge the unfolding storyline. Sharing WWE’s posts about the SmackDown segment on his Instagram story, Rikishi added a candid caption – a simple sticker reading “facts”. His reaction hints at a familial pride yet also opens up questions on the possible in-ring implications of Reigns’ choice for the Bloodline’s future.

Further stimulating the discussion among wrestling enthusiasts are the recent leaks regarding who may next step up to challenge Roman Reigns for his coveted title. Although spoilers are floating around about potential contenders and twists in WWE storylines, these remain speculative until verified on-screen events.

Adding complexity to the narrative is the fact that the Fatus and the Anoa’i families have a storied legacy in professional wrestling. The Bloodline angle has become a cornerstone of WWE programming, with Reigns at its helm.

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As the drama unfolds, the WWE Universe will undoubtedly be keen to see how these familial dynamics play out within the squared circle, with the Bloodline and its members continually shaping the landscape of professional wrestling.

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