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Amanda Huber On Criticism Of How AEW Has Been Using Lee Jr.

Brodie Lee (Jon Huber) has been a big part of pro wrestling as a whole, not only for AEW and WWE, but for the entire pro wrestling industry. Even though Huber passed several months ago, his legacy in the pro wrestling world still lives on, especially with his son, Brodie “-1” Lee Jr., who has appeared on several shows over the past few months.

Unfortunately, there are people who interpret this act of kindness from AEW as the company exploiting Jon and Amanda Huber’s son, but Amanda has said in the past that AEW has helped the family in so many ways since Brodie Lee passed away on December 26th.

Speaking of Amanda Huber, she recently took to her Instagram and responded to fans who criticized how AEW has used her son over the past number of months. Amanda Huber has often talked about how much her son loves the sport and how he has been trying to learn. Regarding the criticism, Amanda revealed she tries to ignore the s–t online, but know that she sees the snide comments about Brodie’s involvement and the use of the word exploitation and it is just disheartening.

Amanda Huber also said that she has loved pro wrestling her entire life and it has been her world for 19 years now and she still loves it more than most things in this world. Amanda then said the company lets Brodie Jr. feel like he is a part of something and that there is no storylines involving him, it is just him being connected to a huge part of him that’s missing.

You can check out Amanda Huber’s full comments below:

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