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Moxley on Khan’s Savvy as a Producer on AEW Programming—Tony Nese’s Next Step

In an interview on Cincy 360 With Tony Pike, Jon Moxley, Cincinnati’s own, let loose on his thoughts about wrestling back home and Tony Khan’s ability in producing the show week to week.

Of wrestling at home, he stated:

“…the last time I wrestled here would be like 2018…You always get that special energy. It’s like Superman flying close to the sun to regain his energy when you’re in your hometown. It’s going to be a wild atmosphere. AEW is a party atmosphere. It’s wrestling fans that know we’re wrestling fans. AEW has a great relationship with its audience, where they know we’re not out there to swerve them or make a buck off them. They’re not just customers to us; they’re not just dollar signs. We’re fans and they’re fans, and we all just love pro wrestling…I feel like the 10,000 people that are going to be at the Fifth Third Arena, the people that were at the PPV in Chicago the other night, and us, I feel like we’d all still be here even if none of us were getting paid and we were doing this for free. We’d all just be here for the love and passion of it…Professional wrestling is getting cool again. A lot of fans, people would be like, ‘you watch wrestling?’ And you’re like, ‘dude, you don’t get it. You don’t get it, man.’ Now more people are getting it and now it’s hotter than it’s ever been. And it’s getting hotter and you can feel the momentum coming off the last PPV we just had. It may be one of the best wrestling PPV’s in the last decade or so. The hits keep on coming, and once the momentum gets going, it’s just one of those things. If you want to jump on board and be a part of AEW, now is the time…”

via: Cincy 360

About Tony Khan’s ability to produce the show from week to week and the talent he brings out in the plethora of AEW stars, Mox had this to say:

“…Most of the stuff isn’t rocket science. That’s what I was saying a couple of years back and even before that when I was in WWE…Just let the performers be authentic and let them do what they do and go out there and kill it in the best way possible. Tony Khan is such a huge wrestling fan of all different styles, of all different eras. He’s so familiar with everything that he just wants to watch the wrestler be their best self…He’s not telling them what to do. He’s not going, ‘okay, I’m going to put your parameters. I’m going to keep you confined to make sure you only thirteen superkicks…No, he just goes, ‘go out there and do your thing.’ That’s what it should be…All these other people trying to control things, producers, writers, whoever all these other talking heads are talking to the ref, talking to you. It should just be the performers going out there and doing what they do, doing their job. That’s what AEW is. If you haven’t seen wrestling in a while, this is something different. And it’s the coolest thing going. If you’re a fan of sports entertainment, drama, anything man, there’s a little something for everyone in AEW…We’ve got everything. It’s the place to be…”

via: Cincy 360
via: Tim Taulbee /YouTube

He had a heck of a lot more to say and if you’re interested, check out the interview at this link:, and check out a longer transcription of the interview at Wrestling Inc. But one thing is for certain and quite clear in what he’s saying here and that’s the fact that AEW operates on a whole other level and it seems to be the exact opposite of the way that WWE operates and has been operating for years it would seem, and as of late, it would seem as though that would be to WWE’s own detriment. The war is certainly heating up, dear readers.

Tony Nese excited at the prospect of finally wrestling elsewhere

If you’ve seen 205 Live, then you know that you’re essentially getting two matches—sometimes three in the show’s allotted time. And more often than not, the matches are pretty much the same from week to week.

In a post on social media recently, Tony Nese had something to say about his old employers and the show he was most featured on:

“Although the talent I’ve mixed it up with for the past few years was some of the best talent in the world, I really can’t wait to not wrestle the same (expletive) names every week…To those of you who only ever see the negative in things. This was a light-hearted joke. 205ers are family and we would have wrestled each other for the rest of our lives with a huge smile (and we would always kill it). Sometimes families tease each other and make jokes.”

via Tony Nese /Twitter
via: Anthony Bowens /YouTube

So in the end, he loved his co-workers, but the dichotomy in which things were set up from week to week were what he had a problem with.

According to E-Wrestling News, his no-compete clause with WWE ends on September 25th, a date in which he already has a show lined up. The only question that remains is where will he be headed next? Many hope that it will be AEW.

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As we reported last month, he has been backstage, and perhaps a future in AEW is imminent for this young talented star.

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