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Dark Arts of Plagiarism in Pro Wrestling

Wrestling is not only about fights, about who wins, or what techniques wrestlers use to defend their opponent. Wrestling is also about the subtle (or not) art of plagiarism, which is so easy to spot in pro wrestling. If we take a look at some of the most iconic moments of pro wrestling, we can easily see some plagiarized moments. But these moments brought with them the fame the wrestlers were looking for and the intended effect: to impress the audience and the opponent.

However, not every pro wrestler can plagiarize a moment to win the battle in Monday Night War. Some moments seem completely ripped off from movies and other iconic scenes from video clips and so on. Not all wrestlers know and can enter the flow of the moment, send the public the energy it wants to see and put to sight some of the most impressive and authentic feelings. However, some of them have completely nailed it and created some incendiary moments, so let’s dive into them together.

The Rock

The Rock is one of the most well-known pro wrestlers of all times and one that is appreciated around the world. He was inspired by Seinfeld’s episode “The Marine Biologist” where they find a whale, which is so big and impressive. The episode is about more than this, but The Rock stopped by something Constanza told to the distressed whale. The Rock then used this to underlie similarities between his c*ck and a whale. And, of course, he wanted to send the idea that it is indestructible.

Booker T

Booker T is a famous pro wrestler from America who is currently signed with WWE. Everyone knows his famous motto “Hulk Hogan, we comin’ for you”, which later became his catchphrase. However, not only Hulk has inspired him, but much other pop and rap songs. We do not know for sure, but Booker T is considered a complicated man who had troubles in his relationships, not only the romantic ones but the professional ones as well. So, we couldn’t know for sure where he got his “Shucky ducky quack quack,” from, but we can say for sure that he is indeed a very creative pro wrestler.

CM Punk

You probably remember that iconic battle between The Rock and CM Punk when you thought that The Rock would surely win. Well, CM Punk was very inspired. WWE has also encouraged people to bet on one of the two. And the brilliant game left the crowds without words. Pro wrestling is not only about fights and who wins but about entertainment too. The hype was real around this one. And it seems CM Punk was a little bit more inspired than The Rock. Even though it may seem strange to some of the professional wrestling fans, CM Punk inspired his phrase from the Bible. This helped WWE create the hype around him. “Your little jabs, and your insults, they’re all kiddie games. When you step in the ring, your arms are just too short to box with God.” And this just sounds great, inspiring, and motivating. And not only this, but it also keeps devout fans glued to the screen.

University and Plagiarism

As a wrestling fan, you surely know the schedule of the battles and commit to watching them all. Most of these are late into the night, which in turn can upset the schedule of many students. While getting an education in university or college, students need to write a wide diversity of papers. Even though in wrestling plagiarizing iconic moments or catchphrases from movies, songs, books, and so on is allowed, this is not valid for college papers. Professors have an eye for this as they have read thousands of papers until now. So, you can use a plagiarism checker by Studyclerk, a plagiarism checking tool that will allow you to spot it in your writings. Sometimes, you may not even be aware of this as you will surely read a lot of studies in your research. A plagiarism checker will do the job. Keep in mind that you can adapt some ideas to your paper, just as the great professional wrestlers do with their catchphrases.


Wrestling is not only about fights, battles, and wars. Wrestling is about the show too, and this is something many professional wrestlers have understood from the start. You need to create hype, to make devout fans stay glued to the screen or even pay tickets to see the battles live. Solely the fight will not do this, so they needed to create some memorable moments. And where to get your inspiration from? From movies, songs, books, and many more. The Rock, Booker T, and CM Punk are just some of the most inspired pro wrestlers from all times who helped WWE create hype around the battles and keep fans engaged.

Bio Lines: Vendy Adams is a content and essay writer that is focused on the topic of sports. She has studied how athletes interact with the public. Wrestling is one of her favorite sports and although she mostly watched female wrestling, she has some male favorites as well.

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