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WWE Betting: Everything You Need To Know

In the arena of world sports entertainment, WWE is considered a franchise is driven by wrestling tournaments. WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment and the name is giving it all away. These glamorous versions of wrestling matches are purely a product of commercialized sports entertainment. There is no doubt about these matches being staged but the scripts are made sure to be kept away from being disclosed. It is a highly sought-after entertainment program that holds hefty value worldwide. These matches take place as wrestlers winning the game either make the opponent give up or they fight till they pin the opponent down to the ground, and hold them still at the same position till the count of three. 

There are some other rules of winning including the Royal Rumble, where the last wrestler who remains within the ring wins the match, and the Tables Ladders Chairs match where a wrestler climbs a ladder to grab the belt that is hung from the ceiling hence declared the winner. These matches can be either one on one or even various other sets of combinations, namely, tag teams (which are played by two on each team), 5 on 5, and even 10 on 10. Since the matches are scripted there are no particular styles of wrestling or even specific rules for it. 

The North American countries, as well as Japan and Mexico, are the biggest fans of WWE pro wrestling and are the biggest markets for the revenue generated from  WWE betting are huge. Thousands of GamStop players are interested in this type of sport and visit NonGamStopBets website to find out the best non GamStop betting options and trending offers on the market. The betting industry is a fan of WWE owing to the high revenue generated each year through WWE betting. Although it is a staged event, due to the betting industry as well as the hype and popularity, the scripts are subjected to utter confidentiality.  

Betting on WWE 

In spite of the script of each match being under extreme guard, there are plenty of match predictions but complete uncertainty persists until the match ends. Some of the best markets to bet on WWE are listed below. 

Match Win 

It is one of the most popular and almost easy-going bets one can place. The options are pretty straight forward choosing either one of the players for the winning candidate to place the bet on. It gets even easier if the matches involve only two wrestlers, but in the case of multiple contenders, it can get tricky while choosing one as the winner. 

The one least odd in the market of betting is usually the contender who is most likely to grab the belt. One can calculate these outcomes by entering the stake in pop-up windows which will help bettors calculate the pay-out potentials and betting on the desired player is just a click away from that step.  

Retain Title 

This takes under consideration the fact that the match could end without the outcome of a winner. In order to secure their belts, the contestants are only focused on not losing while there is a title on the line. 

The possible outcome can also be disqualification or a forfeit or a count-out or draw or even no contestant at all. In case if a contender faces immense injury during the match is on, it will be terminated. Compared to winning a match, retaining a title offers lesser odds for a wrestler. 

Near Fall 

Betting on this depends upon the chances of winning a wrestler. It would consider the placement of a bet on a wrestler’s almost winning. Near fall is nothing but the last moment breaking out of a pin moment for a losing wrestler. Bettors can choose to bet on the near fall of a match. 

Top Heel/ Babyface 

There are several other options for betting including top Heel which is the one player with a big bad demeanor almost villain-like. The Babyfaces are the ones with a good reputation with the support of the crowd. In case of big events, one can try and predict the top Heel or top Babyface and even on wrestlers who are neither of these two. 

Brand Winner 

There are two brands namely Smackdown and Raw that supply the best wrestlers for some of the major matches. These contenders do not fight against each other but compete within the same franchise. These fighters face each other from the opponent franchise only during the Pay Per View matches. 


While WWE happens to be a favorite sport for betting enthusiasts, the games are often tailored to produce a certain outcome, which often goes against the principle of luck. Federal and vigilant authorities usually keep a check on these games and the type of investment that they handle. Mindful judgments while betting on these games is of paramount importance.

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