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How Wrestling And MMA Influenced Arcade Games

Wrestling and mixed martial arts are two of the most popular disciplines of combat sports around. And, like others which fall into this category, such as boxing, their impact has spread further than rings and octagons where matchups between opponents take place. Wrestling and MMA have featured in TV shows, movies and their influence is a regular occurrence in video, arcade and mobile games too, due to their popularity with fans.


When it comes to combat sports and video games, EA Sports’ UFC series very much leads the way, with UFC 4 the latest and the best on the market. Available to play since August 2020 on the console, UFC 4 has over two hundred fighters to choose from, and the career mode allows the player to set out on a journey as an MMA fighter starting at the bottom to become the G.O.A.T. The game retains arcade-style elements too, which are perfect for casual players.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds

WWE reigns supreme where wrestling is concerned, and games based on this part of the wrestling universe have been popular for decades. WWE 2K Battlegrounds is a step away from the norm in terms of the traditional releases of the series, with the development team bringing forward a title which has arcade at heart. WWE 2K Battlegrounds is all about fast-paced, arcade-style action, which is perfect for pick up and play fans. It’s less immersive in comparison to other WWE titles from 2K, but the simplicity is what makes this release popular with players.

Street Fighter II

Perhaps a surprise inclusion to some reading this list, but Street Fighter II deserves its inclusion. And here’s why. The Capcom game is one of the greatest, authentic, arcade-style titles ever to hit the scene. It’s been around since 1991, and has undergone multiple revamps and remakes over time. What we like about Street Fighter II is that you have characters who have the styles of combat fighters. Some have wrestling abilities in their skillsets, some MMA and others have boxing moves. Street Fighter II is one of the most prolific fighting games and was even made into an online slot.

Fight Night Champion

Boxing is another sport which has undoubtedly had a significant impact on the gaming world over the years. In the last decade, boxing has enjoyed a revival. And it’s is now bigger than ever in terms of its popularity. Therefore, there is a clamour for gaming content. Sadly, it’s been close to ten years since Fight Night Champion hit release, with the EA title proving a hit with players as it offered an arcade-style, as well as longevity through the career mode. There are whispers that new boxing games are ready to hit the market in the future, which would be epic for fans of the sport, and the new content will undoubtedly inspire new titles in the genre.

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