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Professional Wrestling Personalities in the UK

Currently, professional wrestling has entered a massive boom period in the UK. Today, this sport is more popular than it has ever been since the Attitude Era of the 90s so a lot of new wrestling shows are popping up on TV.

Its popularity makes young people choose wrestling as their hobby or even professional occupation. Also, some of them seek wrestling scholarships to fund their study at college. Luckily, there are some sporting organizations which offer scholarships across a number of different universities, so if you are a talented sportsperson, you could benefit from it. Many institutions encourage students to choose their particular university so they can build a high-level sporting representation

But unfortunately, the truth is that wrestling scholarships are rare. It’s an equivalency sport, which means that coaches are given a pool of scholarship money and can divide it up among athletes. So there isn’t a strict number of wrestlers who need to be on scholarship. Therefore, instead of giving full financial aid, funds are divided into partial scholarships across multiple people. As you see, most wrestlers are typically on partial athletic scholarships.

Note, that you often need to make an application for these scholarships before you get your A-levels results. It’s important to check the application deadlines not to lose your chance for financial support. The application process itself is quite difficult because there are so many things to complete within a limited amount of time. Especially, students often struggle with writing a personal statement. A winning paper must be excellent, so one can turn to the college personal statement writing service UK at best price to get help with it. This service can provide you with a statement according to your requirements and vision. Its writers always do their best to reflect one’s skills and personality, so you get a high-quality and authentic personal statement. This way you can stand out of the crowd and be accepted to the university you dream about.

Young people interested in wrestling usually need to have role models in this sport. Typically, role models are the most famous and skilled wrestlers so one can look up to them and learn something new. Below is the list of some professional wrestling personalities in the UK that are commonly respected by people fond of wrestling.

Johnny Saint

Though Johnny Saint is retired now, he is still viewed as one of the best technical wrestlers in the history of the UK. Saint debuted in 1958 and retired only in 1996 being one of the biggest figures in English wrestling for nearly four decades. Johnny Saint considers himself only ‘semi-retired’ because he still does wrestling. Just imagine, his last match took place in 2009 at the age of 67, isn’t it inspiring? Due to his grappling style, Johnny Saint was also given the title of “The Man of Thousand Holds”.

Fit Finlay

Finlay is the son and grandson of wrestlers with a thirty-plus year career. He is considered one of the toughest wrestlers in the world because of his hard-nosed approach. He is viewed not only as a fearsome competitor but also as one of the best trainers in pro wrestling. Moreover, Fit Finlay was so technically proficient, when he was brought out of retirement at the age of 47 that he became one of the Smackdown brand’s most popular wrestlers. He also put on some of the best matches of his career including wrestling for the World Heavyweight Championship. After slipping back into retirement again, Finlay became a role behind the scenes in WWE as an agent and trainer.

Big Daddy

Shirley “Big Daddy” Crabtree debuted in 1952 and became one of the most famous professional wrestlers from the UK. He turned into one of the most beloved characters in British wrestling history and became a patriotic face character. Big Daddy was featured in comics, music videos, and even stage plays becoming a minor cultural icon in England. Though Big Daddy never made his way outside the UK, he did make a significant impact on his home country.


Paige, the daughter of two British wrestlers, started her career at a very young age of 13. After her debut in 2005, she caught the eye of WWE talent scouts who offered her a developmental deal. In her very first match, Paige won the Divas Title and became the youngest Divas champion in WWE history at the age of 21. She was a multiple-time champion and helped to raise the bar for women’s wrestling in WWE.

William Regal

William Regal is a retired professional wrestler, trainer and the Director of Talent Development and Head of Global Recruiting signed to WWE. He started his wrestling career on the carnival circuit and moved on to wrestle around the world. After leaving WCW, William joined the World Wrestling Federation and became a commissioner there. He achieved great championship success in professional wrestling and won more than 60 titles worldwide, 4 of which were in WCW and 15 in WWE. You can also read about his problems with drugs and struggles with a heart defect in his autobiography ‘Walking a Golden Mile’.

All in all, the UK is famous for its proficient wrestlers who support the country’s image all over the world. There are many more professional wrestling personalities that can serve you as a role model, so feel free to explore more information about them on the web. Find people who inspire and can drive you to success!

Author’s Bio Currently, Vendy Adams works as an academic writer and part-time sports coach. He used to be a successful athlete and a professional wrestler. Vendy does his best to combine his wrestling hobby with the main job and demonstrates great performance at both.

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