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Top Four the Smartest Wrestlers of All Time

What has the brain got to do with wrestling? Most fans associate wrestling with body muscle and not mental stamina. However, being smart will win more wrestling matches than physique. With custom thesis writing you can dedicate more time to areas you are passionate about without risking your academic performance and career.


Smart wrestlers can be known by their actions on and off the peak. The ranking may also be debatable because each wrestler has a pool of followers vouching for his or her win. Here is a list of smart wrestlers who have graced the ring in the recent decades.

  1. Triple H

Triple H would strike fear in the opponent even before the battle began. No wonder he was nicknamed The Cerebral Assassin in the wrestling circles. He played with the minds of opponents to the point of beating them at a match that the opponent would have easily won.

Triple H has maintained this wit beyond the ring. He is part of the WWE brand as a COO, helping the brand to grow several folds after his departure. Still, he remains one of the executives whose contribution on and off the ring indicate a brilliant mind. He has proven that beating your opponent is not just about physique. A little brain will complement the physique to create a holistic person.

  • David Otunga

David is probably one of the best WWE minds you will encounter in the corporate world after making exploits in the ring. Outside the ring, David is popular as Mr. Jennifer Hudson. He has featured in the reality show I Love New York playing as Punk and making huge exploits. His resume is one of the most impressive in the ring.

He graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in psychology. He went on to work in the Cognitive Neuroscience Center as a lab manager. He proceeded to Harvard Law School for his law degree and completed a successful law career at Sydney Austin LLP. The qualification could not keep him away from the ring. He proceeded to enjoy one of the most successful careers of his time.

While David was still wrestling on the ring, he fought endless pro bono battles in court. His wit remains unmatched because he is yet to lose a case that he has been involved. When given a microphone in the ring, he would never forget to remind the world that he went to Harvard Law School. His battles on and off the ring are a better testimony of his prowess.

  • Christopher Nowinski

Chris shot to limelight when he became one of the finalists in the Tough Enough battle at WWE. He was nicknamed Harvard Chris to signal his academic prowess, having graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the university. He was the first Harvard alumnus to hit the high levels of fame at WWE. He went on to become the Youngest Hardcore Champion in the history of WWE.

He was made more famous by his book Head Game: Football’s Concussion Crisis, a book that examined the effects of head traumas on athletes. Today he works as a football analyst and director of the Sports Legacy Institute in Massachusetts.

  • Michelle McCool

Michelle was an ardent wrestling fan from high school. She received her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and taught in high school before joining wrestling. Her life is full of battles and sporting conquests. She seems to have found a home away from the library.

There is no doubt that wresting has rewarded the brainiest of its stars. Their brains have won them numerous titles and allowed them to move on into corporate careers. It is exciting to see the beautiful blend between wresting and brains.

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