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How Has Pro Wrestling Changed in the Last 10 Years

Pro wrestling might be staged, but that does not mean that the people involved don’t need to be professionals. In fact, the job can be very stressful and demanding, so the fact that it is changing and evolving for the better is definitely a good thing. For one thing, we are now likely to see more stars like Dave Bautista join blockbuster movies, as pro wrestling has better converged. In other words, pro wrestling stars have an opportunity to pivot to a different career that is not as dangerous as this one. Here we will see what has changed in Pro Wrestling over the past decade, and see how it became better. 

Better Pay for The Wrestlers

Even though the events are spectacular, it took some time before fans and journalists uncovered what’s happening backstage. In other words, the main actors and performers were not treated fairly, and if you are watching something for entertainment, the last thing you want to think about is that the person entertaining you is in great pain or suffering. Of course, injuries still happen, but at least pro wrestlers are treated better by their employers now and actually earn a lot on an annual basis. In fact, these numbers can go quite high if the wrestler becomes more popular with the audience, and receives royalties from merchandise sales and so on. 

Less Predictable

One thing that definitely impacts the popularity of the sport is betting, as more people become interested in the matches and outcomes. Now, pre wrestling might be changed or scripted, but only a few people actually know the outcome in advance. In other words, you guess based on how popular someone is and hope that person will win, much like regular betting. Given their popularity, there are also more WWE-themed slots games in casinos. You can find them even in the  $1 deposit online casino USA platforms that have a wide selection of different slot games. Moreover, the entry is only $1 so a lot more users are seeing pro wrestling brands and superstars.

More Opportunities

As mentioned previously the popular wrestlers have it way better, and their growth becomes exponential if they are fan favorites. This is because the events and merchandise are promoted using those fan favorites, so you would think that a lot of other wrestlers don’t get the chance to shine and take the spotlight. However, back in 2013, this was fixed to an extent. WWE Performance Center was set up in order to allow independent talents to impress the audience and join the big league. Moreover, the sport expanded to also give women wrestlers more opportunities to shine, and created a women-only league.   


So these were some major ways how this sport or entertainment has changed. These are all meaningful changes, but if we are being honest there is still room for growth. A lot of the sports fame still depends on the old talent and the most famous wrestlers are still overused for the sake of promotion.

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