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Brodie Lee On Which Legends He Wants To Add To Dark Order

Top AEW Star “The Exalted One” Mr. Brodie Lee was recently a guest on AEW’s Unrestricted podcast with Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone to talk about a number of topics, including how the idea of him becoming The Exalted One came about and was presented to him before he would debut in an episode of Dynamite in Rochester on the same episode Matt Hardy did.

This is what Brodie Lee said:

“It had been mentioned to me as kind of an option but not a clear direction until a few weeks before, and then they were kind of deciding to debut me and Matt on the same day in Rochester.” “So it kind of all fell together at the same time and was a pretty crazy opportunity to have it be in my hometown, to re-debut and almost be born again. As for the character, I was a little unsure of it because I had never done anything like that.”

“Being a background dancer for so long, you get bits and pieces from people and you try to put the best foot forward that you can as a leader now, so I try to do that onstage and backstage also. And then I was termed a leader by somebody in the office a few weeks ago, and I was appalled that they would ever had said that about me. But I think, at this point now, maybe that’s what I’m getting to.”

Lee then talked about the differences or split in characters on Dynamite and on BTE and said that due to his different characters, he has become the best and most well-rounded professional wrestler in the world at this current time.

This is what Brodie Lee said:

“After the first few bits of BTE hit and we were successful, I may have been heard telling my friends that I was the best, most well-rounded professional wrestler in the world at this current time. And I feel that in-ring, in a serious promo, comedy and just all around, I’m the best in the world right now.” “And I think BTE and Dynamite prove it.”

He then revealed that he was asked by a fan if the numbers the members of the Dark Order are given are chosen by the members themselves or if they are assigned. Lee said the numbers are 100% assigned and that only Anna Jay‘s number was assigned by him. Anna Jay is 99 and so is “The Great One” Wayne Gretzky.

This is what Brodie Lee said:

“They are 100% assigned.” “Anna Jay was the only one that I had a hand in. She’s 99 because Wayne Gretzky wore 99. He was ‘The Great One’, so that was my nod to hockey. I was very proud of that. Nobody gets it; nobody cares, except me. Tony, as you may know, is a bit of a numbers guy. He has a hand in naming some of the others. No one gets to choose, not in my group, and also, a few of them had numbers before I got there, so I had no say.”

Lee then revealed that he was asked by another fan if he could add a legend to Dark Order, who would he add. Lee named Terry Funk and Fit Finlay as wrestlers he would love to add to the Dark Order.

This is what Brodie Lee said:

“Terry Funk, but I think the problem will be that he would eventually either kill me and I would not be the leader of the Dark Order anymore. I don’t know if it’d be beneficial to me as the leader to bring him in, but that would be the number one.” “Number two would probably be a Fit Finlay, a guy like that. Just watching him, I’ve learned so much for him personally and I was a huge fan of his. Another guy who I tape traded for. I have multiple Fit Finlay tapes, which is weird when you work with them for so many years. It’s just surreal – still – to me.”

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