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Darby Allin On Possibly Facing Sting In A Match And More

Sting, one of the biggest, if not the biggest legend in all of pro wrestling, made history once again when he surprised the pro wrestling world and made his debut in AEW after being in the WWE for years. Sting signed a multi-year contract with All Elite Wrestling after making an appearance on the “Winter Is Coming” episode of Dynamite.

The segment featured Cody Rhodes and Arn Anderson in the ring with Sting while AEW TNT Champion Darby Allin was high up in the stands. Sting made it perfectly clear then that he isn’t interested in going one-on-one with Cody Rhodes, instead, he has his sights set for Darby Allin. AEW did note that they do have plans for Sting to wrestle sometime in the future.

Speaking of Darby Allin, the TNT Champion recently spoke with Sportskeeda about possible facing Sting in a match. Darby said that he does not know what Sting wants to do, but if Sting wants to get in the ring with him, he is ready.

This is what Darby Allin said:

“I have no clue, I don’t know what his health’s like, I don’t know what he wants to do. If he wants to get in the ring with me, good luck, that’s what I would say, I’m ready. If he’s ready, I’m ready. I have no clue if he’s actually going to be ready. Everything’s up in the air.”

Darby Allin then said that Sting captivated him as a performer and has a lot of interesting traits in himself that he gravitated towards.

This is what Darby Allin said:

“I was a Sting fan, but I never watched WCW or any real wrestling stuff back in the day. But when I go back and watch it when I was a little older, Sting was one of those guys that captivated me as a performer. He has a lot of interesting traits in himself that I gravitated towards.”

Darby Allin then talked about the possibility of Sting managing him in the future.

This is what Darby Allin said:

“Absolutely [it would work]. But I don’t know what his intentions are. I don’t know if you want to manage me. I don’t know if I’m manageable. Everything is week-by-week, anything can change. I’ve never had a full-blown conversation with him.”

Darby Allin then talked about possibly doing a cinematic match with Sting, to which Darby Allin noted that he is definitely up for the challenge as long as Sting wants it.

This is what Darby Allin said:

“I’ve never done a cinematic type of match, but if you look at my promos, I’m definitely up for the challenge. I guarantee I’d give the most craziest cinematic match of all-time.”

You can check out Darby Allin’s comments in the video below:

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