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Pro Wrestling News Hub: NXT vs AEW Dream Card

While NXT and AEW wrestlers work under different labels, the idea of a crossover between the two would be an exciting possibility for wrestling fans.

While it is very unlikely for such an event to happen, there is absolutely no harm in thinking up imaginary duels between wrestlers from both companies that would have the potential to excite and unite wrestling fans throughout the world. Below is a list of fantasy in-ring combos that have the potential to be classics.

Proud and Powerful Vs DIY (ladder match)

Proud and Powerful (Ortiz and Santana) and DIY (Gargano and Ciampa) are both similar teams in terms of style, making it likely for them to become natural challengers for each other if they were to ever work for the same company. Them being similar to each other isn’t to say that they will not offer any innovation or unpredictability when competing in the ring, however.

In a ladder match against one another, DIY are most likely to take the win because Gargano and Ciampa are both able quantities when solo, and even as a team. Also adding in the fact that Ortiz and Santana are still yet to outdo their performances as “LAX” in Impact Wrestling, so unless they step up their game DIY will likely be crowned the winners.

MJF Vs Karrion Kross

Now, think about what a brawl would be like between a middle-class American blowhard with a classic heel sensibility to dodge action works and a contender who exudes brash madness and plays mind games of his own. Just as suspected, it would be quite an interesting one-on-one between the two wrestlers.

With MJF’s taunting techniques and Kross’ inclination towards sadism, the brawl may end in MJF capitalizing on the vulnerability of his in-ring rival and taking the win.

Cody Rhodes Vs Triple H

Triple H, according to many fans, has helped NXT to grow into what it is today, making him an even more significant figure in WWE history, On the other hand, Cody Rhodes has been credited as one of the people who made the launch of AEW happen.

Both stars have, in fact, taken vague shots against one another before, and with Dusty Rhodes and Triple H having worked with one another in the past, there is a lot of premade backstory for this “feud”.

There is no telling, however, as to which contender will win in a match against one another.

Io Shirai Vs. Hikaru Shida

Io Shirai and Hikaru Shida are, without a doubt, world-renowned talents, and both champions of their current brands. They have even had a previous face-off against one another in Japan so it isn’t a stretch to say that they are well-acquainted.

Hikaru Shida, despite being an AEW Women’s champion, still has much to offer compared to Io Shirai, who has seized every opportunity that has landed in front of her. Despite these slight differences, both competing in a match would be nothing short of a technical masterpiece in female Japanese wrestling.

However, in a match against each other, both talents would take each other to the utmost limit, both proving themselves worthy of winning. So the final outcome is debatable.

Finn Bálor Vs Sammy Guevara

Finn Bálor is one of NXT’s most valued in-ring talents. On the other hand, Sammy Guevara is a rising star, having excelled when paired with expert talent. Both men in competition in the ring would provide a high-energy performance for both AEW and NXT fandoms alike.

A brush with Bálor would give Guevara’s career a huge (well-needed) boost. As for the outcome of the match, it’s more unlikely for the much younger star to go home with the win.

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