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Matt Hardy Says Wearing A Mask Is The Right Thing To Do

One of AEW’s top stars “Broken” Matt Hardy recently posted a video, where he talks about why it is important to wear a mask during these trying times. Matt Hardy says that wearing a mask is just the right thing to do. Hardy also says that wearing a mask doesn’t make you weak or afraid, it makes you unselfish and intelligent.

Hardy also says to be concerned about the greater good and try and slow down the COVID-19 pandemic, so we can get back to our normal life.

This is what “Broken” Matt Hardy said:

“Wearing a mask is not only to protect you, but to protect other people, too.” “We have to be accountable, we have to be responsible, we have to do our individual parts in the greater good to try and help slow down this pandemic. That is the whole point here. Wearing a mask is just the right thing to do. It’s being responsible, it’s giving a s— about other people out there. And if you think wearing a mask makes you weak or afraid — it doesn’t. Wearing a mask makes you unselfish; it makes you intelligent.”

“So, America, get your s— together. Wear a mask. Utilize social distance. Use common sense. … Be concerned about the greater good. Be concerned about your fellow Americans, and let’s start doing everything that we can do in our power for the greater good. Let’s try and slow down this pandemic, let’s try and snuff this thing out, so we can get back to our normal life.”

You can check out Matt Hardy’s full comments in the videos below:

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